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200 days smoke free today

Posted in Staying quit 26 Sep 2019

I cant believe I am 200 days smoke free, I still have a thought now and then, but I think it could be because I am now trying to loose the few extra kilos, less sugar and less carbs, I still use them for rewards so will need to dole them out to myself for a bit. The main thing is I have had a few big challenges throughout this nearly 7 months and have done very well so far. Here is to another 7 months, and hopefully a few kilos lighter.

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  • Chwoe, Western Sydney August 28, 2020 | 10:54
    calm down guys
    this sort of behaviour can stress people out and can lead them to begin smoking again
  • Red-67 November 09, 2019 | 10:22
    Dearest softly40;
    Wow. I hope you are not always this negative..
    I was afraid, I had said something to offend you, but, apparently, you are not willing to listen to reason..

    My comment was, and is directed at someone just starting.
    I hate for them to think that this HAS to be a long, and painful journey..
    I do not believe in "Once a smoker, always a smoker", or that we have to STAY quit, or that you have to live
    under some, NOPE, or NAP, mantra to stay off them. It CAN be simply a matter of really quitting.
    For me, it is simple. Make them something you don't want, not something you can't have.
    I do not, or have not put anyone down for whatever method works for them, or tried to tell anyone how to do it. I simply try to point out how it CAN be, with the right approach..
    It helped me, and it has helped others. It is not that hard to understand.

    Now, you want to point out comments, that were not even in mine.. More between the lines, maybe ??

    First, this comment;
    "You obviously had a deep hatred of the cigarettes to begin with" Obviously ? Hardly..
    I would have to have been some kind of fool to smoke all my adult life.
    I enjoyed smoking as much as anyone else, until I let myself see the truth.
    I did not say I hated them. I made them something I no longer wanted.
    And, The opperation was a success, but the patient died, is a joke..

    If you are going to QUOTE someone, you should get it correct. "it only takes the quit to be once" ??
    That is not at all what I say. (( You just have to REALLY QUIT once )) completely different meaning.
    Anything else is an attempt, or a stop for some time. There is only one successful quit.
    I have not put anyone down for having to try again.

    "If you take your position alone after failing, then no one would "try again. They would just give up."
    Here, again, not at all what I have said. More of your reading between the lines, nonsense.

    "It seems as if reading the posts properly is what is needed, before replying."
    Boy ! I can really agree on this one !

    "caustic remarks about the product I have used"
    What caustic remark ? The comment I was refering to just happened to be Champix.
    It would be the same for Zyban, NRT, Cold Turkey, or chicken soup. It's not hard to understand the concept of a successful quit..

    You lashed out at me, wrongly, because you failed to understand my meaning, and it was not even directed at you..
    Happiness was just trying to point out how easy it is to take something written in the wrong context..
    You lashed out at her, wrongly, because you failed to understand her meaning.. As if she was attacking your, education.

    "You are responsible for your written responses. Happiness is responsible for hers."
    Yep. Have to agree with that one too, And YOU are responsible for yours !

    I don't find it necessary to talk about my educational status. All that is needed here is a little common sense, a real understanding, of what is written, instead of what you want to make up.

    I came here hoping to help you understand my meaning, but you are too busy reading in what you want..
    So, I'm done. I give up. I really do hope this is your successful quit.

  • softly40, Mid North Coast November 09, 2019 | 10:02
    This is my last reply to you red, you asked for some enlightenment.

    1. This does not have to be a long journey (to some this may be a lifelong journey)
    2. You do not have to live by some Mantra (I developed Mantras every day to help myself) before getting onto this forum. Many others live by these Mantras in not repeating their mistakes.
    3. Putting others down, quote "I successfully quit 3 times using Champix" with DUH in caps, if that is not mocking others who take Champix I don't know what is!.
    Subjectivity Vs Objectivity.
    I am quite capable of using Subjectivity, and Objectivity. It seems your post lacked some of the subjectivity to which I referred (one is reading between the lines) or expressing a bias without actually making it evident. You did not make any reference to your opinions being your own particular beliefs and not what others believe in. believe (eg) .... this worked for me it may work for you. I found this the easiest way for me, you could try it, It was clearly Objectively bias, from your point of view only. In other words my way or the highway. Or do it my way or you will not succeed.

    If I took offence you can bet there would be loads of others who took offence, especially when it blatantly used words like Champix and duh together. You also said it made no reference to me. When clearly if you had read my previous post I made before yours, it was a direct put down on what I believed in.
  • Red-67 November 07, 2019 | 11:03
    The reading between the lines seems to be the problem. Maybe you should just try to understand what was really written ?
    My comment was never directed at you, your beliefs, your education, or your method of quitting. I am sorry, you seem to be so determined to make it something it was not..
  • softly40, Mid North Coast November 07, 2019 | 9:18
    Dearest Red I have not allowed myself the luxury of staying on this forum, I do not apologise for any response to you. Only my quick reaction was blinded by the most caustic remarks about the product I have used which is Champix, and the other is about Not following anyone else's Mantra's eg. NOPE, or any other Mantra that you believe in. Self belief is very important, and I have found great comfort in following others beliefs along with my own. Irrespective of what Method you choose, I have never made any remark be it caustic or otherwise about Cold Turkey.

    I can read between the lines as to another's feelings regarding anything, which I pride myself in. Your post did not sit well with me in any sense. No more so called Jokes about Champix or so called beliefs about Mantras others have their own belief system, which works for them. You are responsible for your written responses. Happiness is responsible for hers. I do not like it one bit, when anyone remarks about how I should be learning to write or compose or anything of that nature, when I have striven most of my life for better educational outcomes, which I have succeeded in, but has nothing to do with success or not success on the smoking.

    Success: A surgeon can say they have succeeded with an operation, but was not successful in saving that persons life. You could perhaps think about it in this way.
  • Red-67 November 07, 2019 | 6:08
    Hummm ? No response ?
    I forgive you anyway :)
  • Red-67 October 28, 2019 | 9:46
    Softly; I hope your email notification is on, and we can resolve this misunderstanding here, not on Desparatetost's thread.
    I have never, intentionally, put anyone down. I can only relay what worked for me, and hope that it may help someone else.. You misunderstand what I mean by, only having to really quit once. Sure, it may take a few tries to get to that one, but that is the only successful quit. Sure, I am a fan of cold turkey, and IF one can pull it off, it is, statistically the most final, and successful, quit.. That does not mean I am putting anyone down, for whatever method they use. Fortunately, I was semi retired, so the 3 weeks of misery, and near uselessness, did not interfere, too much, with every day life.
    I rarely comment any more, but when I do, I comment on the original post. Sometimes I read other comments, and sometimes I don't. The poster, in this case, Desparatetost, is the only one I am responding to. That is his/hers thread, and not the place to resolve this. I would be happy to help you understand my meaning. It was never meant to be negative, in any way. The line about the 3 successful quits, even ended with a :) It was meant in a humors way, and to make a point too..
    Please,, I have admired your success, and your comments to others. There should be no friction between us.. Red.
  • Red-67 October 27, 2019 | 23:42
    I don't understand your response to my comment for Desparatetost.
    I never claimed to be perfect, and I fully enjoyed smoking, all my adult life. At least, like most smokers, I thought I smoked because I liked it. Only, when I decided to quit, did I allow myself to see the truth about being addicted to smoking, and a slave to a cigarette. That is when I began to make them something I no longer wanted, and that made my quit much easier. I have always promoted,, whatever method works for you,, I simply point out, what the proper mindset CAN do, and how important it is. That's all.. You seem to have read a lot more into it, ? ?
    My reference to statistics, was only a response to the one Desparatetost had made. At the time, it was the only one I had read.

    Please, I would like to know what you read into it, that promoted such a negative response, so that I can be more careful in the future. ?
  • Robn September 26, 2019 | 20:00
    Awesome job are kicking that deadly habit to the kerb. Nearly at the one year should be extremely proud of yourself...
  • Nuts September 26, 2019 | 18:49
    Hi Softly40 and congrats on 200 days. Thats fantastic. I gained weight when i quit as well. I was horrified, my clothes were tight and my belly was huge, but i still kept on shoveling chocolate into my mouth. But i wasnt smoking. After months of eating and getting fatter, i said enough. I cut out chocolate 5 days a week and had less of it on the other 2 days. Slowly i lost the weight, and i still dont smoke. All is good. The moral of this story is, Dont worry about a few kilos. Quitting smoking is more important. You will lose the weight and all will be good.
  • softly40, Mid North Coast September 26, 2019 | 17:02
    Thanks everyone, so good of you to reply, yes we all take a different approach, which is as it should be. The result is the same though. I am happy with myself and managing to fit in my new role as facilitator in an area I just love. Today was ok no carbs this morning, and not many during the day. The sweet stuff well! I feel healthy and fit anyway, exercise most days and meditate in the evening. Bit boring really, I will practice never another cigarette and modify carbs and sweets. Thanks again everyone I couldn't do without you.
  • FreshAirOK, Hunter New England September 26, 2019 | 15:04
    Awesome achievement softly40. Congratulations on being smoke free for 200 days. Keep up the good work NOPE.
  • Safe2017 September 26, 2019 | 10:18
    A terrific accomplishment sofly40. Kudos to you. Don’t look back, stay vigilant, and practice NOPE, not one puff ever and you’ll achieve what most of the smokers only dream about. Permanent vacation from cigarettes. Cheers.
  • Happiness September 26, 2019 | 8:17
    You've been awesome Softly40, not only in regards to your quit but in your never ending support of others. We sometimes view things differently, but that is great because everyone is different and you have experienced things that i have not. I am glad that you found the mindset this time around to see you through. I know that you, like I, also believe that this forum keeps us accountable and vigilant. Not only did we come to know you,, but you learned about yourself as well and took things one day at a time keeping your focus and determination.

    Cheers to you for your wonderful stories, advice and success!

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