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Stumbled and back with a different approach

Posted in Quit experiences 23 Sep 2019

Hi all

I had no intention to ever put a note back on the site but just had to share my experience. I should be 550 days into a quit but I'm not. I stumbled an fell again and allowed the addition to do my thoughts in.

Having said this I have tried to stop so many times, so many times I just can't tell you. It is actually embarrassing for a person who considers himself reasonably intelligent. Anyway after the last time i stumbled, don't say f...ed, I thought to my self what is the definition of insanity? Doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results. So needed a different approach. I had done so much reading into nicotine addiction and addiction in general and as I have smoked for so long (40+ years)decide that I had to take a while to change my addiction but my behaviors as well. So this is how I did it and now have been smoke free for 7 months and nicotine free for a month:

1. Started with Gum and spray, used them probably over the guidelines given but did anything I could not to have or even feel like a cigarette.

I got to the point that I did not have triggers for smoking anymore but had need just for the nicotine ie change what my brain wanted to address nicotine addiction

2. At this point I started patches and gum/spray and started slowly to reduce the amount spray and gum I used. Got to the point where was having no craves for a gum or spray while i had a patch on.

3 I stayed with the patches and then started to remove at night

4. When I had very mild craves that lasted very little time I cut the patches in half so i only got half the delivered does

Finally got to the stage where I just plain forgot to put a patch on and have not had a single bad crave since removing. SOOOOOO HAPPY.

Bottom line what ever method you use to get off the "Durries", don't rush and be kind to yourself in time it will happen


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  • SteveJ September 24, 2019 | 8:05
    Thanks Safe2017, yep have been down the "just one won't hurt" trail so many times. I am hoping that I have the where for all to see past it this time. Your description is good, craves that are general but not specific for anything. Our brain is a funny thing wants the dopamine it's use to and keeps giving us the message to give it and even when the nicotine receptors have returned to normal, memory of the aahh moments still remains to fool us into the just one. Never again. be kind to you and yours
  • Safe2017 September 24, 2019 | 4:18
    Steve congrats. Smoking addiction is a sly one and you always need to be on your toes, but it'll get a lot better. Soon enough you will keep reminding yourself that once you were a nicotine addict by reading other people's quit stories. And once cravings become negligent you may ask yourself, why did I smoke in the first place? In my case 99.9% of the time I am cravings free but during the rest of 0.01% there may be a fleeting moment when I crave for something. Can't say that it's a nicotine craving per se just a weak, fleeting general craving that goes away on its own or by chewing gum or sunflower seeds.
    When you have cravings often enough you are constantly reminded that you are still quitting, thus you are aware of your smoking addiction. When cravings disappear you'll need to be even more vigilant because at that point one starts believing that one cig will not and cannot hurt his/her quit. And why would it? By then there are no more cravings, no need to adjust your day schedule around smoke breaks, and you are quiet confident in your abilities as a non smoker. That's the time to be most vigilant because a sly little thought may start telling you - let's have just one puff. It maybe during a social gathering, or stress, or whatever but let have just one puff. It will not hurt your quit whatsoever. You have this addiction beat and there's nothing to worry about. Right? Well, that's the biggest mistake. One puff (or one cig) and you'll be right back at square one. Been there, done that, never again. Sending positive vibes your way. Cheers.
  • Happiness September 23, 2019 | 23:07
    Congrats Steve! I am glad that you found a way that works for you. I was wondering from your statement, whether you visit this site on a regular basis and are just the strong silent type, and don't post or comment. Did you read the part on the patches and other NRT"s that they have greater success in conjunction with counselling or a quit group? I also believe, like Softly40 that staying in touch will also aid you , and your participation in turn does help others. Not much of a site to help if no one writes.

    Knowledge is power. Learn about nicotine and yourself. Again Congratulations and stay free! Visit us often.
  • SteveJ September 23, 2019 | 16:47
    thank you softly40, yep still some time to come that will cause me grief but going well at present so just being positive and happy with getting to this point. One good thing is I have an occasional crave like feeling but my thought is not for cigarettes but more for a chew or a spray. This I seem at this point to be able to deal with. be kind to you
  • softly40, Mid North Coast September 23, 2019 | 15:50
    I consider myself reasonably intelligent too SteveJ and I too have tried a few times, I am glad you have posted to let others know that you have dealt with quitting in a different way than before.

    The belief in yourself is stronger than the addiction which is part of the quitting process that you need to have too. This needs to be maintained as you see how things are in your life, this might call for some changes further down the track. I am so glad you are happy with yourself, we are happy for you too. You might like to post in a few times when you feel the need. Helping others is a great way to stay focused on your own quit.

    Good work

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