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Today is my first day nicotine free

Posted in Getting started 09 Sep 2019

I remind myself with every craving

Not another puff no matter what!!

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  • Safe2017 September 09, 2019 | 11:07
    That’s the right attitude Ceecee75, you can overcome the cravings as long as your mindset is nope - not one puff ever; otherwise, one puff will take you right back to square one. Good luck. Sending courage and perseverance your way.
  • Happiness September 09, 2019 | 15:06
    Try to find the Mindset that we advise here Ceecee75. Thinking " I want one but won't give in no matter what, is commendable, but the right approach is to put in positive terms that you are not denying yourself something. Instead think I am a non-smoker and I am wiser now and I am going to do this like others here have. I want to be free!

    Think positive and you can do this. Nicotine never gave you anything, and once realizing that, you can put it in the past without desire. Read and learn. Knowledge is power.
  • Ceecee75 September 09, 2019 | 15:29
    Thanks guys!! I will remember your advice.
    Last night was brutal!!
    I did some deep breathing, drank water, and reminded myself that I am choosing to rid myself of a disgusting addiction that doesn’t care if I live or die. But I care! I made it through the night guys!
  • Happiness September 10, 2019 | 0:03
    Whatever gets you through the night Ceecee75. Good job. We know it is difficult in the beginning, but it will pass, does get easier and is so worth it! You go girl!
    P.S. And we care too.
  • Battle won September 12, 2019 | 5:17
    Hi Ceecee, congratulations on your decision to take back control of your life. Quit smoking will probably be one of the most challenging struggles physically and psychologically you will ever face in life, the nicotine cravings, the temptation to light up when stress hit you, will inevitably attack and try to break your “Will”. You have to stand strong and push through those moments, your will to stay nicotine free have to be stronger then your desire to be enslaved.

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