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Posted in Quit experiences 05 Sep 2019

Hi. Just popped in to share that I will be 4 years smoke free in a few hours. I remember the seemingly unending cravings I had when I first quit and the help I gained from this forum. People I didn’t know giving support and suggestions made my quit journey possible. I have saved $36000 and possibly my life. I was 67 when I quit and after around 53 years of smoking I finally had enough. For me it was cold turkey chocolate eclairs strong coffee and this forum. Lia if you still visit here I trust I am still 100 days behind you on your quit. Advice !!! Just do it. Dobbin

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  • Happiness September 05, 2019 | 11:03
    It is so awesome to have the long term members like you and Lia popping in from time to time to offer support and guidance. Your stories keep people motivated and reaching for that goal as well. Congrats on a journey well done!
  • Safe2017 September 05, 2019 | 12:06
    Congrats to you on your anniversary. Well done . All the best and Stay smoke free
  • softly40, Mid North Coast September 05, 2019 | 17:01
    4 years Dobbin great work, I love chocolate but have just started to cut down on those treats for a while anyway. Thank you for popping in to help us all, I especially have to keep vigilant as my last long attempt was 2 years, but I didn't know this forum existed. A lot of money saved for that something special too I guess.
    For me every day is special now that my life is so full of great things and people. Maybe you could come back in another year for us all that would be appreciated
  • Lia September 07, 2019 | 12:07
    Hi Dobbin. A blast from the past. Always thrilled to "see" you back here and yes, I am still 100 days ahead of you. Plan to keep it that way. I owe it to not only myself, but all the fellow supporters over the years. Wouldn't dare fail. I particularly enjoy the banter we share as we egg each other on. I have saved nearly $34 000, even though that is old price. Carton used to cost $196. Now the same is $285... Scary to think I could be forking out such a ridiculous amount. Trust you are enjoying your $36 000 windfall. Like winning Lotto. Next goal post, 5 years, but let's face it, every day we abstain is another huge win. Just know you will stick around for another year. And another...
  • Happiness September 07, 2019 | 14:34
    What actually constitutes a CARTON in Australia. Here in Canada , a carton is 8 X 25 packs or 200 cigarettes. Your prices floor me. A package of 25 cost about 15 now i think her in Canada, cheaper in the USA i understand. I bought mine from Indians on a reservation who sold their own brands are a much lesser cost. Our minimum wage is 14.00 as of Jan 1. 2019, what is yours? I couldn't begin to imagine paying what you all do in Australia. Should make it all that much easier for you all to quit and stay quit. I am sure that to the young ones, it will definitely determine their quality of life. Some who smoke will never own their own homes. Who am I to talk, i smoked for decades. I did not live in the computer age with information and support at my fingertips. That i truly believe is the difference. We can not longer be kept in the dark about nicotine. It can be overcome and we are proof. We can only hold out our hands and support others who are willing to believe that they too can be free. Congratulations to you and all the others out their like you Dobbs and Lia. May others learn and follow your example.
  • Nodrag September 07, 2019 | 14:54
    A packet of smokes in Sth Australia is around $50 for 35. I’ve already saved $250 in 11 days. Yay!!!
  • storm, Murrumbidgee September 11, 2019 | 12:33
    Hi Dobbin congratulations on your milestone 4 years, i am a few days off 3.5 years and remember you so well from when i started
    Your success even back then helped me a lot and this forum is such a great support

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