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Take Pride

Posted in Hints and tips 31 Aug 2019

Hi All, everyone who is on this quit journey needs to take pride in what they are achieving every single day. Only non smokers think this is an easy thing to do, why don’t you just is easy. Someone who constantly battles with their weight hears...just stop snacking all the time and exercise..its easy. Well it isn’t easy when smoking or food is your addiction. We are taking back control over our lives and that is a big deal. We argue with ourselves to keep ourselves on track...

Every person on this journey is awesome and don’t ever under estimate how powerful you are. Even if you try, slip up and try are more powerful than someone who stops trying altogether. I think you are all amazing and I feel proud to be a part of this journey with you.

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  • Happiness August 31, 2019 | 23:04
    You're right Robyn. It is a great feeling of pride to be able to take back control. Some take detours on the journey, but if you stick with it, you will find your way home. I have yet to hear of anyone who regrets having become a non-smoker. Have you?

    We as members can take satisfaction that we can help others find the right path. Every comment is of value to someone. We can all snub our noses at the nicotine monster if we stick together and see it through. Your success is our success.
  • Safe2017 September 01, 2019 | 4:28
    Right on Robn.
  • Nuts September 01, 2019 | 9:09
    I think that as long term members, we dont congratulate ourselves often enough. We are so busy encouraging others that we forget about how strong we are. We all know that one puff will send us back to day 1. We also know that we will not let that happen. So, to all of the long term members, Congratulations. Well done to all 👍♥️😙
  • Leeann , Central Coast September 01, 2019 | 11:06
    Well said Robn, you are amazing and have so much to be proud of!!😊👍
  • Kirk88 September 01, 2019 | 20:50
    As a new member I just want to say thank you. It's the members like you all that make people like me believe that it is possible. You all deserve to be congratulated not only are you strong enough to continue to say no every single day you are also strong enough to guide us newbies through at the same time. You choose to face your own past and temptations every day to help others. You are all inspirational and worth your weight in gold.
  • Robn September 01, 2019 | 21:20
    Thank you for your kind words...but let’s be honest...I get as much inspiration to stay on track from all of you. I read the stories and the struggles and it helps me to remember where I came tough it was at times and how easy it would have been to give up. But I have only stayed the distance because of everyone on this site and I am very grateful for that. I know I am, as is everyone else, only one puff away from falling off the give me the inspiration to keep going. I have yet to be tempted....but I never take it for granted.

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