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Posted in Reasons to quit 02 Aug 2019

Within the link to Allan Carr on Reddit r/lastsmoke I came across a very interesting view of Allan Carr's method of having you successfully quit smoking. While it doesn't work for all, a debate broke out. Regardless Allan shared his thoughts and what worked for him, and i personally think he is spot on with great advice.

Here is what one commented about the book.

His method is more like .. 'Oh, I have a craving. What a gross thing. I'm glad I know I don't need to have that smoke, because caving will beget more cravings, and the cycle is endless. I'm happy I don't have to cave, because soon I won't get these cravings. What a wonderful thing!'

It's weird and subtle .. but this kind of thinking gave me a dopamine rush everytime I had a craving. Rather than 'mind over matter (that is, "I will deny myself because I am strong!), it was the Allen Carr Method (that is, "This craving just means it's working! If I didn't have a craving, it would've meant I'd just recently had a smoke! Cravings are awesome; they mean I'm actively breaking the cycle!").

I don't know if that makes sense to you. The weird thing is, I completely understood his psychology trick even when I was using his method (that is, for there to be positive reinforcement when you got a craving, rather than a negative reinforcement which is what the Willpower Method does). Even so, it worked. So it works even if you break it down and understand it.

I hope this has been helpful.

I honestly think you've just misunderstood his point, but do forgive me if I'm just wrong here.

I wish you well :D


Thought it would be a good idea to have people on here who have just quit smoking,








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You can see the debate at

You all know that i am big on positive thinking, and that cravings must be viewed in a positive way. I have also mentioned how kicking up our dopamine production can give us the satisfaction that smoking once did. I hope someone finds the point of view given helpful.

Don't feel deprived and miserable. Be happy that you have been handed keys to beat this addiction and free yourself from its slavery and ill health. . It may not be the first key tried, but it is there if you are adamant and embrace this journey. Look forward with excitement to a new and better you!

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  • softly40, Mid North Coast August 02, 2019 | 8:19
    Thanks Happiness, but I couldn't get the topic up easily when I tried to search on my search engine. Without looking into it more, all I know is that I was grateful to read what Allan Carr has to say on withdrawal symptoms, rather than think I had no willpower at all.

    Irrespective of what you believe, "as being hard" vs "as being easy" which was the point he was trying to make I think? I did not find it easy, because of the physical cravings manifesting in stomach cramps. This was not comfortable at all. Since this wasn't my first time, I had expected this, which in hindsight is a good thing because I don't want to repeat the experience.

    However I did embrace his concept of not being hard on yourself thinking you had no willpower to begin with. That in truth it was the Nicotine which had the grip on my body enough to create this uncomfortable physical symptom. I also knew that I needed my friends and family and couldn't get too stirred up causing untold problems, but this relates to my personality and does not relate to the withdrawal from the Nicotine, which I had also been through before.

    I never had any problem of being happy deep down that I had made the decision and was carrying it through. My problem was accepting that this was a "forever" decision in other words a long term commitment, (that if you break your agreement with yourself you are a failure) which is not true, it simply meant the Nicotine had drawn me back into its trap, which is easier for me to accept and which is why one more smoke for me now that I understand the role of Nicotine on my body is a no-no.

    It would have been interesting to read the debate but I am happy that my view is acceptable to myself. I am not sure if it would help newcomers get through the first week or so its probably better to just read and digest on your own, as the last thing you want is to set up more stress, ultimately it doesn't matter who has the right or wrong handle on the book as our perceptions are all different.
  • Safe2017 August 02, 2019 | 10:31
    As long as one convinces himself/herself not to smoke and practices NOPE (not one puff ever) concept i consider it a successful quit. It surely was the biggest challenge the last 10 years for me. Yet, smokers seem to find various excuses why they smoke. A dear friend of mine, a smoker, told me that he isn’t really a smoker, he just smokes for pleasure when he drinks. Considering that he smokes every 15-20 minutes and drinks quite a lot he is a true smoker whom keeps telling himself that he isn’t an addict. When people want to they’ll convince themselves of anything.

    Happiness, not too long ago you wrote that you were tempted to have a smoke of pot. Did you? If yes, what was it like?

  • Nuts August 02, 2019 | 13:54
    I think that you are all making it way too complicated. Say nope and stick to it.
  • Happiness August 03, 2019 | 1:44
    No I haven't tried any pot yet Safe. I really don't think that inhaling anything at this point would be a wise decision.NOPE. I am however considering nibbling on a brownie so i can safely gage the reaction . I asked a friend and she says it does help you to sleep, but i think she meant the CBD , no thc in it. I just want the old homegrown like in the 70's for a mild buzz to relax. Cheaper than wine if i grow it, less calories too and it is used medically and is legal here. I will keep you updated Safe.
  • Safe2017 August 03, 2019 | 10:02
    Very reasonable. Why start something that took so much effort to quit? Smoking pot, a pipe or whatever is still smoking.

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