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(As in I need them, I don't have them)

Posted in Hints and tips 31 Jul 2019

I do not have a hint or tip, I need them. And I am not sure I am posting this correctly so, apologies if I am not.

I have 7 cigarettes left. I was going to quit on my birthday (this coming Friday) but I figure I mght as well do it today. I really hate smoking. I hate everything about it. I have analyzed the crap out of my smoking addiction & of these 3 things I am certain:

1--If I have cigarettes, I will smoke them

2--My addiction is 99.9999999 mental

3--I don't want to smoke anymore but I do not know how to overcome my mental addiction.

I am going cold turkey because it is the only way that I have not attempted to quit before. Any advice is welcome.



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  • Happiness August 06, 2019 | 0:48
    I hope your enthusiasm is contagious Wendy. If this journey could be viewed as the trip of a lifetime. New experiences and lessons that will stay with you for your remaining days. A path to freedom and even a new self respect. An accomplishment that some can't even get over the fear enough to consider, let alone do and succeed. We regain a sense of control and power and unlimitlessness....we can do anything that we put our minds and hearts into.

    I can't wait for your story on mantras. I am happy to comment on your song list that you posted. Awesome! Keep writing and learning and increasing dopamine in your system. Happy Days are here Again!
  • themrsbeardsley01 August 05, 2019 | 10:33
    OH MY GOODNESS!!! I haven't met any of you in person but I love you all for your kindness. Kind souls are hard to find in this busy selfish world & when I find them, I tend to keep them close.

    Happiness, I actually was just thinking that I should create a story for my mini mantras, but first I am going to write one about music (that should be finished tonight hopefully) because I am really interested in feed back on that. The story on mantras might be out another day or two.

    NotThisTime (I love that by the way, it might go on the list of mini mantras) I was thinking about it last night & may have had my "revelation" that Alan Carr mentions. Whether it was the revelation or a small epiphany it came to me as I was having a bit of insomnia. I thought to myself (everyone else was blissfully asleep, who else was I going to talk to at 2 am?) Once the final cigarette is smoked, I can refer to myself as a non smoker. All my other (too many to count/remember) attempts when a hard crave would hit I would say "I am GOING TO BE a non smoker" instead of saying "I AM a non smoker" which I now believe planted a seed (or a hundred seeds) of doubt (caps for emphasis, I promise I'm not yelling LOL). I have heard mindset is everything & sometimes it takes me awhile to put things into a way that makes sense to me. I will often say "Does that make sense?" for the simple fact that just because it makes sense in my brain, doesn't mean anybody else is going to understand it because I learn & comprehend a little differently. I'm special like that hahaha. Annnnnd look how fast I get distracted....

    Off to write another story. Thanks again all.
  • NotThisTime August 04, 2019 | 22:36
    Hi themrsbeardsley01. Reading your posting made me think back to a post I made around a year ago outlining tips and tricks that I utilized in the first couple days/weeks/months that I believe made/helped me overcome the addiction. The tips were:

    1) Read and be open to the concept of Allan Carr's "Easy Way to Quit Smoking" The foundation for Allan also gives live seminars in certain cities. There are also audio versions of the book available.
    2) Start thinking like a non-smoker. Make it something you don't want, not something you can't have.
    3) Join a telephone or internet support group (such as icanquit)
    4) Make quitting smoking a TOP priority. Nothing else takes precedence over quitting. Avoid situations and people that trigger and do not support your quit. If it is all you accomplish in a day, (not to smoke), that is a huge accomplishment and should be celebrated.
    5) Ensure you are getting your recommended daily intake of water. Water is good for the body in so many different ways.
    6) Ensure you are eating regular meals and don't allow yourself to go hungry for too long. I found my cravings increased if I was hungry.
    7) Ensure you are getting your recommended amount of sleep.
    8) Walk, exercise. I have read and been told by Doctors that cigarettes act similar to an anti-depressant by people with mental issues. I have also been told that a half hour / day of exercise that raises your heart rate is equivalent to an anti-depressant.
    9) in beginning (first 2 months) give yourself small rewards. These small rewards are extremely important. Having recent exposure and therefor having a recent memory makes it that much more motivational for the beginning of your quit. Big rewards are also important to look forward to, but do not have the same effect as being able to be exposed to them in the beginning of your quit journey. Examples of small rewards that I found helpful were: 1) Going to a restaurant once a week and ordering anything and everything I wanted without considering the price. 2) Massage Therapy, reflexology, acupuncture 3) Taking the time and spending money to utilize a steam room/Sauna.
    10) Quit smoking app for your smart phone that tracks money saved, cigarettes not smokes, # of days not smoking and extra life days gained.
    11) Introduce new distractions that give you joy and take up the extra time you have (the average smoker spend an hour and a half a day smoking cigarettes!). Some examples would be juicing (vegetables) or starting to use essential oils (such as lavender) in a diffuser.
    12) To deal with anxiety you may experience at the beginning of your quit, develop a routine you will go through before giving in to having a cigarette. An example might be: 1) Review reasons you don't want to smoke (2 mins), 2) have a shower (5 mins), read and post on icanquit. I only had to get to the point of showering twice in my quit and after showering my craving was no longer an issue.
    I used to believe I would smoke until I died. I thought there was no way in the world I would be able to quit. Just thinking about quitting 2 years ago made me light up another (or 2 or three) cigarette(s)!. Implementing the above tricks has been the key to my quit. Good luck to all the quitters!
  • Happiness August 03, 2019 | 2:01
    Keep reading and keep up the great positive attitude! You said you were listing all the phrases that strike a chord with you to post up everywhere. I do hope you will write a story which lists them. If they help you, i am sure that others will also find value in them. I took one from a valued member BattleWon who said "The Battle Is Won In The Mind". How true. I for one am looking forward to hearing what resonates (PuffNoMore loved that word!) with you and others. Until then , NOPE!
  • themrsbeardsley01 August 02, 2019 | 12:29
    Agreed softly! And good for you on beating it with only 3 attempts. I have lost count of my attempts but I'm pretty sure I'm up there with Willem & it can get discouraging for sure. I did really well today & just averted any negative or depressing thoughts but imagining where I will be in like 3 months. It was very helpful.
  • softly40 , Mid North Coast August 01, 2019 | 16:42
    Yey! great one, Willem. Your tips most welcome, I eventually learned after 3 attempts. I thought I had it in the bag regardless if I smoked or not, huge mistake I do not want to go back there again, so no more puffs for me either. Sorry I am not Wendy but I still think its so great that you finally pulled it off. Keep on going and going.
  • Willem Moderator August 01, 2019 | 12:12
    Hi Wendy,

    Im 600 plus days quit and the thing that really tipped me over the edge to quit for good, after reading the Easy Way book, was to actually think of myself as a non smoker, rather than someone with an addiction identity. It's not the same for everyone but once I started thinking that way, I never had another puff of nicotine. But that was quit attempt 20 or so, I learned more about myself every time.
  • themrsbeardsley01 August 01, 2019 | 8:36
    I am soooooo ready.
    Thank you for the comments that keep coming in everyone. It's quite motivating (smiley face here)
  • softly40 , Mid North Coast August 01, 2019 | 8:22
    Hi themrsbear . Getting to the crux of the mental habit is a big part of the non smoking journey and it seems you have some of your own analysis regarding this. I was at this kind of dilemma before I gave up, and since this wasn't my first time I picked a day where it might not have too much emotion connected to it such as excitement. I couldn't be bothered with tapering down this wasn't for me. So I just didn't buy any more after I had finished the last packet.

    Everyone on this forum has their own way of coping in the early days, but usually one day at a time is best to begin with. Looking forward to you giving us a run down on how you are going. You are definitely ready. Good Luck

  • Happiness July 31, 2019 | 15:06
    Yes i have written alot of stories and i try to reiterate some thoughts from them in my comments. I hope you find them helpful. It appears you have taken the time to plan this journey . That is great. Personally i am glad you are going cold turkey this time as it is my belief that the cravings we be with us in the first days anyways, so why not at least get that part done. Honestly, i would read and learn, accept this journey whole heartedly before i even i did when i joined a quit group. It was then that i came to believe that i could do what i never would have ever in a million years thought i could do. I thought i was doomed to be a smoker for life, and was just trying to find ways to prolong life. I now spend my time trying to get others to believe and act. Anyone really can quit smoking if they WANT to. Learning how to want to and believing you can really does work.
  • FreshAirOK , Hunter New England July 31, 2019 | 15:02
    Welcome. You have come to the right place for help. I found distraction a very powerful tool- a new coffee mug, a change of routine and cleaning my teeth or having a shower all are circuit breakers. I didn't avoid smokers I just thought to myself how lucky I don't have to do that anymore. Just decide you want to be smoke free more than you want to be a smoker its as easy as that. You've got this. Remember NOPE Not One Puff Ever.
  • themrsbeardsley01 July 31, 2019 | 11:53
    Thanks Happiness. I actually just spent some time reading a few of your stories & I favorite done of them (you have alot & I haven't gotten through that many yet).
    I have spent the last year getting to know my addiction & my triggers. After spending some time on this website I have decided I need to make a list of phrases that strike a chord, or speak to me. I am going to keep copies of it everywhere, even though I am hopeful that I will not have terrible craves, I still want to be prepared. I also need to bookmark this site so that I can access it when I am on break at work.
  • Happiness July 31, 2019 | 11:19
    Welcome themrsbeardsley01. There is lots of information to read and learn from on this site, and lots of support and guidance as well. I always say that know yourself and nicotine is a good start. If you feel more confident not having them in sight that is great, same as avoiding smokers and smoking triggers if you think they will jeopardize your quit. Everyone is different, but the one thing you must do is WANT to quit. It sounds like you are ready and you are right that it is a battle won in the mind. Think positive, have a plan and accept this challenge knowing that the nicotine is out of your system (negligible) after 72 hours. Eat well, drink plenty of water and cut your caffeine intake by 1/2 as nicotine used to reduce its affect, and jitters can be misread as anxiety. Cravings are mere thoughts, and embracing this journey is the best defense.

    You can do this. Congratulations on choosing a better life and freedom from slavery.
  • themrsbeardsley01 July 31, 2019 | 10:29
    Thanks Safe2017
    I would love to get back into exercising the way I did before. And I know I will not be able to do it at the level of smoking I am at. A person just cannot do both well. So this is on my "Motivation list"
  • Safe2017 July 31, 2019 | 10:18
    You need to be telling yourself that you don’t want to and you are not going to smoke anymore. Also, sunflower seeds and chewing gums helped me. Going on long walks and exercise helps. Good luck.

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