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Still cold turkey

Posted in Staying quit 02 Jul 2019

Hi all

Haven't been on site for a bit but glad I did this morning

I'm 23 days cold turkey and have saved $500

I'm doing better than I thought I would

I'm able to sit with other smokers and just know that I never want to smoke again

I'm making progress

Thank you for all your support

I'm hoping I can be of some support to others on this site 😁

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  • Happiness July 02, 2019 | 10:36
    I can Do It was your first story title. Positive thinking has brought you here and you are doing awesome. I am glad that many of the newcomers have also joined with an equally positive outlook. The journey is hard enough without thinking negatively. Learning and banishing the fear of this journey and uplifting your self esteem are also crucial. Take what you have learned about yourself from past experience and plan how you will circumvent those pitfalls this time around. Embrace the journey for the wonders it will bring.

    I am happy to hear that you can resume your relationship with your friends who smoke. It is wonderful that you feel like a non-smoker after such a short time., as I did as well. I still go out to the smoking area on poker breaks to stretch my legs and chat with friends without a thought about the smoking. We went to a bbq/hoedown this weekend and didn't give one thought to smoking. I just kept busy talking and dancing, which i love.

    I also love reading the stories and feeling the hope people
    express and most of all love to share in their joy of taking this journey. Stay positive , stay on the path to freedom and inspire others to follow your footsteps.

  • Safe2017 July 02, 2019 | 13:01
    What a terrific achievement KMD. I recall that I could smell a cigarette from a mile away around day 23. Provided that all goes well for you soon enough you will not even pay attention to the smokers around you, kind of similar like you don’t pay attention to the people doing their own stuff that you used to do but not anymore. And you’ll be even happier because a successful quit is/was a painful experience. Stay vigilant and all the best.
  • Happiness July 02, 2019 | 14:13
    I can only speak for myself, but i will repeat that embracing an new and better way of life and putting our smoking days behind us does not need be painful. Mine certainly wasn't and neither was yours as you related to us KMD. Our mindset and the positive thoughts towards this change is what makes it what it is. Anyone can not only let go of the past addiction , but very happily embrace new habits and a better future for oneself and family.

    Stay positive and stay vigilant. Embrace the journey and celebrate your freedom.
  • Nuts July 02, 2019 | 16:08
    Thats great KMD. The days soon add up. Before you know it your first month will have passed. Isnt the money we wasted terrible. Happiness made a bonfire out of all of the money we wasted. Cant remember the exact amount, but it was huge. Buy yourself a reward
  • Lia July 03, 2019 | 21:23

    Hi KMD. Just keep going. What an amazing pay rise!
    Hmmm...No boss would give you that. Just think, you used to burn that $500 and turn it into ash. Just like the rest of us who have decided it is a total waste on all levels. You will be blown away by the amount saved. Mind you, you will need it as you prolong you life expectancy. Win win...

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