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When is a Craving Not a Craving?

Posted in Hints and tips 30 Jun 2019

So what is a craving? We hear so much about these cravings that it has prevented us from even thinking about quitting smoking in fear of them. There is nothing to fear but fear itself. Fear can immobilize you into doing nothing, which can be harmful in itself.

Through knowledge and learning about yourself you can rid of the fear that prevents you from taking the steps to quit smoking.

Retraining the mind with these new truths and believing in yourself makes it all possible. When did negative thoughts ever bring anything positive.? Think positive and positive things will happen.

So what is a craving. The dictionary defines it as a powerful desire. A nicotine WITHDRAWALcan bring about a few physical effects like sweating, restlessness, constipation, headaches , increased appetite, abdominal cramps and trouble sleeping . Since nicotine is mostly out of our systems in 72 hours, these symptoms will ease off after peaking in those first hours.

It is the psychological aspect of the habit that continues to haunt us for a much longer period of time. Nicotine withdrawal also causes a chemical imbalance in the brain that can cause moodiness, anxiety and a lack of concentration. It also causes these CRAVINGS which can last about 20 minutes, although i believe most experience them for shorter periods if managed.

I will add this link for you the read for yourselves. Note that they state that NRT's can also cause physical symptoms that they say are not as bad as cold turkey quits, but i geg to differ. Read and decide for yourselves.

We have all had headaches in our lives, due to overthinking. Dwelling on your desire to have a cigarette while feeling deprived is bound to cause conflict within. Learning how to let go and embrace this journey is the best remedy. Mindset is key and makes the transformation smoother.

Remembering that a craving is usually nothing but a mere thought that can be dismissed by diverting our attention elsewhere. A craving should be a reminder that you are winning this battle. Assert your intentions to banish nicotine from your life and acknowledge that you will take things in stride, step by step. Continue to think positive and you will do this.

Sometimes a whiff of cigarette smoke, a certain situation will evoke memories and a thought of smoking . They are just memories and easily dismissed. My hubby keeps reaching for a cigarette out of habit sometimes and recently did it several times seeing smoke from a mosquito coil. We just laugh and take it for what it is ...a memory. It is not something that we dwell on or want.

Once you choose to be a non-smoker you can be. Cravings can be easily dismissed and controlled and eventually eliminated. We also know that they can sneak up on you months later so keep checking in on IcanQuit to stay prepared and to support others.

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  • softly40, Mid North Coast June 30, 2019 | 10:18
    Thankyou Happiness, I have learned so much from these thoughts and literature. I have recently been looking at videos on-line because I am getting anxious about failing again, during the holiday when I relapsed last year.

    The craving aspect has many facets and are linked to emotion (both positive and negative) Your Identity (from a Smoker to a non smoker) last but not least is your Beliefs (I believe I can do this or not) My own attempts have had had many positive outcomes in my life for the good, but at each failure I was left with the feeling of guilt and being totally inadequate. How was it I could achieve so much with my new thoughts and beliefs yet not maintain my commitment to myself about smoking? I have learned for me the maintenance of being successful in my life yet not being successful long term with my desire to quit (I do not like the word Quit) was and still is a mystery to me but I am learning the why of things along the way.

    There is a great video online if you or anyone cares to look at it and is a fresh outlook from the norm which you often see. It bases the physical and internal reward system we can get or we can give ourselves and how we self destruct any of these positive emotions by our lack of Belief or Identity.

    Its Title:- "How to Grow to be a happy Non-Smoker" presented by NASIA DAVOS on U-tube that has clarified some of the mystery to me and may clarify things to someone else on this forum.

    Thanks again
  • Leeann , Central Coast June 30, 2019 | 14:56
    That's me in a nutshell, I quit and self destructed because of the need of the feel good moment/release of the reward as they explain in the video. I've quit so many times and I continually self destruct like a ticking time bomb☹
  • Happiness June 30, 2019 | 15:21
    Well softly40 I believe that every time we practice something we learn, but i really believe from your attitude that this time is the real deal for you. You are aware of your weaknesses and your newly discovered strengths as well. I am glad that you still research to understand yourself and why you feel about things as you do. Nasia Davos and her cognitive behaviour is also a great way to learn about your self and your relationship with the cigarette.I attended a free webinar that she gave that was quite informative.

    A different point of view is sometime what someone having a difficult time grasping the concept needs. We are all different, with different needs , thoughts and points of view. I hope that when i write an analogy or something from a different angle that it may resonate where nothing else seemed to.

    Keep on with the positives Softly. You are doing great.
  • Safe2017 July 02, 2019 | 13:21
    When someone explains what a drag smoking or any other addiction really is it makes a lot of sense. But in reality quitting is much harder than it seems. I used to tell everyone who’d asked why I was still smoking and my same ole answer always was “I have the will and I have the power but I don’t have the willpower to quit”. Smoking is ingrained into your brain and one believes that without it one will suffer greatly and feel quite abnormal. To overcome smoking dependency is really hard, especially on the front end but it gets easier as the time goes by. And a successful quit also requires being constantly vigilant. Just one puff is not smoking approach brought many people to square one including myself. NOPE (not one puff ever) from now on for yours truly. Good luck everyone.
  • Happiness July 02, 2019 | 15:40
    Safe, I sincerely thank you for driving home the NOPE mantra, and I for one will take your wise words as fact.
    Freeing yourself from this addiction or choosing to change things in your life are entirely up to you. No one can make you do this. This is one thing that you, and only you, can do, and must do basically on your own. It takes a lot of will and a lot of power to quit with willpower, but that is the glory of learning the mindset. I hate seeing people struggle with this when understanding and accepting the journey should be foremost. I have tried to reiterate some tips when I respond to posts. I am sure I have written about almost everything, but I have never been accused of being a woman with few
    Letting go of past associations can be easy. Choosing to be a non-smoker is the crux. The answer is logical, yet we smoked which was illogical. Does that tell you that we have some wires crossed that need to be fixed? Smoking is emotional, happiness releases dopamine just as nicotine did for us. Finding ways to satisfy the emotional part of this journey is imperative. Buy, do and eat(within reason of course) what makes you happy. That is the point of rewarding yourself. Here i am running on again......

    Read and Learn. Knowledge is Power!

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