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800 days and counting

Posted in Quit experiences 07 Jun 2019

800 days and counting. Feels great: 1) no more morning cough, 2) no more stink, 3) no paranoia of running out of cigarettes 4) no more wasting money on something that was slowly killing me.

Smoking was my personal prison and I am out and finally free.

Good luck to everyone in your own journey to freedom.

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  • Leeann , Central Coast June 07, 2019 | 19:48
    Take a bow, that is so awesome Safe2017, power to you my friend. You are a real inspiration and you support so many others. You have succeeded through due to your willpower and determination. High 5👍😊
  • Lia June 07, 2019 | 20:44
    Hi Safe2017. There is a nice ring to that number. Just imagine how good 888 will be. Such a lucky number. We know this quit thing is not based on luck. So much more. Congratulations to you. So good to see another long time determined success story.
  • Happiness June 08, 2019 | 0:27
    You got this one locked up Safe. Congratulations on becoming a happy non-smoker. You are such an inspiration to us all. Many thanks!
  • Safe2017 June 08, 2019 | 11:39
    Thanks everyone. I appreciate your support. NOPE for me cause I really like my reclaimed freedom. All the best best to you too.
  • FreshAirOK, Hunter New England June 08, 2019 | 12:48
    Wow 800 days that's fantastic. Good on you. Stay strong and 1000 isn't far away. You've nailed it.
  • Battle won June 09, 2019 | 8:58
    Safe2017, You are truly an inspiration, and thank you for blazing a trail for us to follow.
  • Safe2017 June 09, 2019 | 11:10
    Had a dream last night that i’ve decided that one cigarette a day won’t constitute an addiction. Woke up felling guilty but glad it was only a dream. Be vigilant everyone. Good luck.
  • Happiness June 10, 2019 | 1:54
    I liked the analogy of the addiction being like your own personal prison. I can close my eyes and envision it.... the bars, the stripes, the longing for freedom....
  • Nuts June 15, 2019 | 17:23
    Hi safe2017. 888 is my favorite number. I am really happy for you and cant wait to get there myself. Only at 160 days, so i have a way to go, but i will.. Congrats to you 👍🤗
  • Safe2017 June 16, 2019 | 0:28
    Hi Nuts, enjoy each day smoke free and count our blessings that we were able to break free. 80 more days to go to 888 for me. The only problem with reaching these wonderful milestones is that we aren’t getting any younger. Other than that it’s great. LOL.
  • Angelinadelli June 21, 2019 | 13:43
    Thank you for sharing! I’m almost on month 10! You inspired me to continue to stay strong. Life does get better smoke free. Those little nicotine devils will always pop up “just a few puffs.. it won’t hurt you”. I don’t think they will ever go away. I just keep on praying them away and it gets easier Day by day. Keep up the great work!

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