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Money should'nt come First

Posted in Hints and tips 06 Jun 2019

Deciding to quit smoking because of the cost is not a good enough reason alone. We have all deprived ourselves of better things in life while choosing to smoke. Maybe you couldn't afford to buy a house. That is a great security and investment if you missed out.

Some maybe don't eat as well as they should. Others can' t enroll their kids in hockey. Family vacations are out of question. How much did you, or will you miss out on life?

We have put our addiction first for many years at the detriment to our bank accounts, security and credit cards.

We even became immune to the health scares. Everyone has to die right? Notice that most here are 60 plus and can't afford that kind of thinking any more. We can only wish we could have saved that kind of wealth and our health to enjoy in our golden years. But we have quit and can regain some time and enjoy what money we do have.

Smokers settled for scraps. I hope the younger ones start thinking in broader terms of what a packet of smokes cost today....

Oh wait, I said Money should't come first.

As I pointed out, money can be found at the expense of other things in life. Money means more to some than others. Some have more than they know what to do with. (How many lives could be saved with the money they spend to take their own?)

The value you put on your life is another consideration. We fight for survival. Yet we had no respect for our bodies and poisoned them every hour of every day for decades. We became ostriches. We let ourselves become victim to the tobacco companies that kept enhancing the satisfaction the cigarette gave us by adding arsenic among thousands of other chemicals. We were told how hard it was to heroin. Thankfully it is legal we are not addicts!!!

But we are addicts, and being legal is the only difference. Legal because the government gets their cut everytime we buy a pack.

They are happy to have taken it for all these years, put it into a fund for our retirement that they know most smokers won't be around to collect on, let alone enjoy in failing health.

If you don't value your health and your life, what about those who love you? Do you want to become their burden? Do you want them to watch you linger for days while they suffer in despair , all the while blaming you because it may have been avoidable?

You are a role model. First an older sibling perhaps, then as a parent, grandparent, uncle, aunt..even to your peers. Did any start smoking because you showed them that it was acceptable ? You can make amends by also being proof that they can quit smoking. Show them the way and they just may follow.

I am happy to say that my spouse quit right behind me, as did my daughter. Yesterday i learned that my son-in-law also quit. Hopefully my grandchildren will not as easily become victims to nicotine.

So that's my thoughts for today. Short and

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  • Safe2017 June 06, 2019 | 9:17
    All true but right before My quit I was feeling pretty guilty for wasting my money on smokes instead of buying something useful for my loved ones.
  • Happiness June 06, 2019 | 10:09
    Well your wife is happy now Safe , with you new fancy white cased computer she confiscated. Don't worry though, you will save enough for another one very quickly.
  • Nuts June 06, 2019 | 10:10
    Smoking is not illegal but here in South Australia there are no smoking signs everywhere. If you smoke in those areas, you are fined. I am so glad i dont have to worry about it anymore. I dont smoke and i have set myself free. I agree that feeling guilty helps you to quit
  • Safe2017 June 06, 2019 | 10:34
    LOL Happiness. You are absolutely right because I’ll save some more money and I will get me another nice computer in the near future since the first one was confiscated by my wife as a payment for her pain and suffering because of my smoking. She deserves it.
  • Safe2017 June 06, 2019 | 10:37
    Good job Nuts.

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