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I am new to this community and having a little difficulty navigating

Posted in Hints and tips 05 Jun 2019

I do apologise for asking this question in this area, I understand it's unorthodox, but I just haven't been able to find out where I go to respond to comments left by other members. Would someone be kind enough to help me/ tell me how I can respond to comments left for me please?

Best regards


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  • PuffNoMore, Southern NSW June 05, 2019 | 21:18
    type your comment and press the yellow POST button once
  • HolyCow June 05, 2019 | 21:32
    Thanks puffy, I think I’m making progress :)
  • Robn June 05, 2019 | 21:39
    It does not matter what area you are in, you can always ask questions, Holycow. Hope you are able to navigate the site better now.
  • HolyCow June 05, 2019 | 21:50
    Thank you Robin,
    Is there an app available?
    And from my PC, how do you log in?
    Thanks again
  • PuffNoMore, Southern NSW June 05, 2019 | 22:58
    $15,000 grand!.
    Were you smoking $15, 000 too?
  • PuffNoMore, Southern NSW June 05, 2019 | 23:00
    I think you have navigated this site Quit well now. lol
  • HolyCow June 05, 2019 | 23:01
    I smoked onl when I drank, but would estimate at least 7 or $8000
  • HolyCow June 05, 2019 | 23:02
    Getting there thanks to you :)
  • PuffNoMore, Southern NSW June 05, 2019 | 23:04
    But seriously, You can stay Quit if you have the determination!!!!!!!!!!
  • PuffNoMore, Southern NSW June 05, 2019 | 23:18
    good luck buddy
  • Happiness June 06, 2019 | 0:27
    So by now you realize that you get e-mails when someone clicks on YOUR page. If you want to respond to someone personally, find one of the stories that they wrote and leave a comment on it. They will get the e-mail notifying them. Most messages and comments are left on the current new pages however.
    If you want to follow someone, click on follow which is under their name. They are added to a side list for easier viewing.
    I often refer my posted link to Allan Carr. To get that , click on my name and all my stories appear...scroll down till you find it.

    When i come on, I simply click on "All stories" and you won't miss anything! Use the other sections if you are looking for answers, or just ask.

    We hope you will enjoy adding your comments, as we love reading them!
  • HolyCow June 06, 2019 | 6:52
    Thank you Happiness for your in put,?it really does make the journey somewhat enjoyable being a part of community/family that’s truly care ad want to help 😊
    Thank you for your kind welcome ☺️

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