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Give your craving a name...

Posted in Getting started 03 May 2019

This is the post I read on the 30th May 2015.

Thanks to BigJon, someone who posted on this site, I "discovered" Margaret Thatcher. She was his craving's name and became mine. From that moment on I stopped smoking and am up to nearly 4 years smoke free. I know BigJon is also still smoke-free. It works. I am so glad and fortunate that I read his post on this site. That is the only bit of advice that ever worked. I am posting this because it seems people out there are still fighting their own cravings. Makes a difference when someone is actually TELLING YOU TO SMOKE. If someone else tells you to stop, you are probably more inclined to ignore the advice. If "someone" tells you to smoke you might actually say NO. Thanks to Big Jon's post that turned my thinking around. And that half a carton of Dunhill Blue is still sitting in the cupboard along with half a packet of duty free Davidoff which a friend used to present me with after any flight via some overseas airport. It is not a temptation any more. Nor an option. Hope this inspires someone else. If you google and do your research of facts and statistics you will discover that only about 4% succeed. How determined are you. I was once a hopeless case... I wonder what I might get for my cigarettes on eBay. Think the cost has gone up out 50% since I stopped...

Margaret Thatcher is still there trying to do some devious things like getting me to reward myself. No way. I won't listen to her any more. $32 000 saved from the ash tray is one huge motivation. Plus having more time to spend it is a bonus because i think I have reclaimed almost 8 months of life...

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  • Happiness May 04, 2019 | 0:47
    A great story and advice Lia. Some may try imagining that part of their conflicted brain (craving) as someone who sticks in their craw. Imagine it is your mother in law or an ex boss that you can tell to "stuff it". It's your enemy , you imagine the dialogue. One in which you are in control and hold the power.

    Personally i would rather not have two voices in my head at all, but we are all different and different things work. My little voice was weak and i just tuned it out and found something to do or occupy my brain. For stronger voices i guess you have to fight back in a way that works best for you.

    I hope everyone finds their Margaret Thatcher or own way of dealing with those unpleasant cravings. Remember that soon, they will be a thing of the past. Stay strong. You are winning, and you will emerge victorious!
  • Safe2017 May 04, 2019 | 10:14
    My Klingon is dead.

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