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Day one

Posted in Getting started 09 Apr 2019

This is day one on my most recent attempt to quitting smoking. It's about 3:30 am on the east coast & I just decided no more. I have spinal surgery coming within the next 2 weeks, not that that has stopped me before other surgeries but this time I said enough. I've been smoking well over 30 yrs, but rather then being in a deep sleep, here I am texting. Thru the yrs. I've made several attempts at quitting, the last good effort at quitting I was doing really well for at least a couple of months, and then on a Saturday I decided to go to my office just to check up on things, being Saturday the office was closed. As I got up the stairs starring at me was a pack of cigarettes on a desk, immediately I took one out and lit it, you can never just have ONE, ever. This time I feel pretty confident that I can pull it off. Nicotine is a addiction that effects you in alot of different ways. I have found something that treats most of these ways that maybe is helpful to you. Sunflower seeds, not the salted ones. It takes care of keeping my hands and mouth busy(part of the addiction), you can take them with you, hopefully if all goes well I can't wait for the day that my car, cloths, house and everything around me smells like smoke. I wish every smoker who may be in a similar circumstance join me and say "enough" and put that 390.00 a month to better use. Their is no upside to smoking and try those sunflower seeds it may help, good luck

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  • Happiness April 10, 2019 | 0:56
    Sunflower seeds are much healthier Sportane and much cheaper. A great start and great thoughts to beginning your quit again. You have done it before, just too bad you didn't keep the NOPE promise to yourself. Here you are making a vow to do yourself right, so good for you. Welcome and we are here to support and help if needed.
  • Safe2017 April 10, 2019 | 12:28
    Right on Sportane. Sunflower seeds do help a lot. They occupy hands and mouth, the two body parts used while smoking. They also alleviate nicotine cravings. And lastly, sunflowers simply taste good. I am still using my ashtray for sunflower shells. You inspired me to have some sunflower seeds. Good luck.
  • BethP April 11, 2019 | 3:36
    Sportane-I am wondering how long your hospital stay will be? I was in for 9 days back in December, and did not start again when I was released. Will you be there long enough to get a over the initial cravings and withdrawal?

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