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Posted in Reasons to quit 11 Mar 2019

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  • Happiness March 11, 2019 | 15:36
    #JEFFWECAN! It is amazing how much power Marlborough yielded to intimidate even countries in its endeavor to expose us all to the dangers of nicotine. The cigarette companies only want their bottom line with no regard for its consumer. No surprise there!
    The first video about oral cancer is just scare tactic, that we know does not work. We have become immune to them and are partially why we became ostriches.

    Good news is that we are now educated and can fight back, knowing that it is possible to quit this vile addiction. Knowledge is Power!
  • Geo March 11, 2019 | 16:08
    Happiness, may I ask, are packs of this awful product very expensive there ? I find it difficult to believe that people if they are paying a such a high price are able to continue to smoke, what about all the " bad press " such as these ads, doesn't that scare the youngest and teens away from these products ?
  • PuffNoMore, Southern NSW March 11, 2019 | 20:48
    thanks geo,
    we would all remember those ads on tv from years gone by. they dont air those ads these days. my guess is the tobacco industry stopped those ads. We still have anti-smoking ads but they're playing on our emotions rather than all the gory diseased body parts! Its from the slant of GUILT that the tv ads are about now and these ads are sponsored by the cancer council which is responsible for this web site program icanquit!
    Those horrifying ads were paid for by the Australian labor party and since the Australian liberal party won office the money and the will to provide those graphic ads stopped because this current federal government are in bed with the tobacco companies. Its big business. They'd prefer we stayed hooked to pick up the taxes, which go up twice a year by 19% each time. so yeah. Its expensive to smoke in Australia.
    $27 for a pack (of 20)
    Sorry I didnt explain this better, but its about politics and what political party is in office (eg whose president or in our case prime minister)

    But ultimately its our personal choice to stop buying them:)
  • Happiness March 12, 2019 | 1:02
    I am not in Australia Geo, but in Canada i hear a package of 25 cigarettes is between 12 and 15 dollars a pk. I hear it is going up by $3 again in
    April . (As i no longer smoke , nor care, i am not sure if it is per package or carton of 200) We had been talking about bagged smokes (200) which is what i used to buy from the reservation, which had less if any government tax as it was running by the Native Council. I was paying $33/200 for a cheap brand.

    We had pictures of lungs, etc on our packages as well. We do not see cigarettes advertised on tv. Government did put anti-smoking ads on, but i haven't been on cable for years now, just internet, nexflix, etc...I hope i have answered your question Geo. Where are you from?
  • Happiness March 12, 2019 | 1:11
    I think the best advertisement or point of benefit would be from the doctor. Mine was just chastising and rhymed off a whole list of dreadful diseases. Dah, like we didn't know! If they could instead say, why not join a quit group on line, in the comfort of your home and see how some people are quitting this deadly habit. Many do quit, and you could do it too. Please give it some thought at least. Its not to late to reverse some damage.

    We all know harping and scare tactics don't work, be have been in defensive mode , or ostrich mode for years. Join a site like this and seeing that is possible to quit this terrible addiction like millions already have. Believe too, that you can also make this beneficial change in your life.
  • Red-67 March 12, 2019 | 8:49
    Hi Geo :)
    So, you are at 56, 57 days now.. That's great, and without NRT. ? Your body has been free of nicotine for some time. Now, if you can erase any thought that they ever did anything good for you, you can KNOW you are free :) I too, decided to cut down, to cold turkey.. During that time, I let the reality of being a slave to a cigarette sink in, until I no longer wanted one. As a 45 year smoker, I only really tried to quit once. That was over 2 years ago now, and was much easier than I expected. Learn to stop thinking like a smoker. Then there is no need or want for one, or even a puff. Embrace becoming a really free non smoker. You can do this. You don't have to stay quit, you just have to really QUIT, once and done.. :)
    And, I saw your question about prices down under. Yes, they are really high. From what I have seen, it amounts to about 1.25us EACH ! CRAZY. But supposedly, it is the government trying to force people to quit. ? Here in South Mississippi, I was still able to get them for less than 2usd a pack / 20. Good thing I did not quit for the money :)
    Set yourself free, and don't look back :)
  • Larn March 13, 2019 | 12:35
    Just for interest. My friend just bought a carton of cigarettes at an out of the way town named Agnes Water in Qld. The carton had 6 x packs of 30 cigarettes. The amount he paid was 267 dollars. No Joke!
  • Geo March 13, 2019 | 13:08
    Hey Larn thanks for the information ! Nothing like burning up your cash, seems like maybe your friend is well off financially ? Here in Loxely Alabama USA I have to guess with state and local sales taxes a 20 piece pak of Marlboro is approximately 6 US dollars which is equivalent to 8.50 AUD
  • PuffNoMore, Southern NSW March 13, 2019 | 14:03
    Thats $44.50AUD for a packet of 30.
    And $29.66.......for a pack...of 20.
    These prices are the norm for the so called "Premium" brands.
    Those who buy at petrol stations, corner stores, bottle shops, vending machines, pubs & clubs can pay much more...........
  • Lia March 13, 2019 | 23:30
    Hi. Since I quit 3 yrs and 10 months ago I have discovered a carton of premium cigs here in Oz costs $265. Unbelievable...
    I have saved between $30 000 and $37 000. I remember visiting the Indian reservation in the USA 30 years ago to purchase cheap cigs. Must have cost very few $'s. Cannot believe it is still so affordable in the USA.
  • Red-67 March 14, 2019 | 7:47
    Hey Geo, we are almost neighbors. Big city of Lucedale MS. :)
    I thought I should clarify,, When I quit, 2 years ago, cheap generic cigarettes were abut 3.50 to 4.00 us. But, I had found the little cigars, really a pack of cigarettes, but the tube is tobacco, instead of paper, so it's a cigar.. That cuts way down on the taxes,, go figure,, so, at the time, they were 1.75 a pack.. Who knows, maybe even less toxins, by not inhaling the burning paper ?? Fortunately, the price does not matter to us any more. YEAAAA !
    I am kind of jealous. I've only saved about $ 1300us in 2 years :)

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