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Many have quit THE EASY WAY

Posted in Getting started 11 Mar 2019
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I have read the book, but use it for reinforcement. I can only hope that it is so quiet on here because everyone is reading it. I could not endorse it more wholeheartedly and its FREE. Somehow i quit cold/turkey.... smart/turkey before even reading the book, but i do agree with and feel the facts that Allan expresses are key to a quit. Please read the book.

It is soooooo quiet in here the past couple of days since i posted the FREE book on line. Just click on the below link , scroll down and voila, read you way to freedom. Anyone can quit smoking. If you don't read this then i don't even take your quit seriously. THAT IS HOW STRONGLY I FEEL about his book.

I did not quit by reading it, althought my husband did , and I use it to reinforce my quit. Somehow I was blessed to be in the right mindset to understand even before reading it. It is what i do try to convey, even though I did cut down some, whereas Allan says that by cutting down be only come to adore smoking more. There has to be an understanding and desire, which i got. I could only wish that everyone could get it as I did. I am not special. I just know it IS possible. Yes , skepical, i get... I have only found Red67 that came close... but I am sure I am not special. I smoked for 45 years and never thought i would stop. I came to accept that..... but one day i didn't.

Believe in yourself. Believe it is possible. You have the tools. At least think positive!

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1 Comment

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  • Nuts March 22, 2019 | 8:46
    Hey Happiness. Guess what. My youngest daughter is quitting now. 3 days smoke free. Isnt it great when our very special loved ones learn from us and jump on board the quit train. One more daughter to go, and then my whole family is smoke free.

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