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Posted in Quit experiences 11 Mar 2019

I tried quitting so many times already (and have failed all those times lol). I get really horrible chills, depression, and anxiety during those times I tried quitting. Eventually, I would fall back into smoking again. Hopefully, this time I would be able to really quit on my quit day. I am starting to minimize the amount of cigs I smoke per day untik my quit day.

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  • Happiness March 11, 2019 | 10:55
    There is nothing for important in your life, socially, financially , or personally whether family or personal health, than quitting smoking. I think we all know that. The problem has been that we fear the unknown, we fear that we will fail..... but you are here , and there are so many success stories to ignore. Beating this addiction can be done. In fact the addiction is the easy part, it is the changing of the attitude, and letting go ...Know how the companies own you, how the gov. wants your tax money. In Canada, they have now legalized marijuana for the gov to control and increase revenue due to cigarette smoking decline. No they won't admit it, but we know that we are now the minority, once the majority in our youth.

    I quit without a whole lot of knowledge that i do now know today. It is truly the desire to quit that is the major factor. Review your reason, research and find the truth that will make the quit so much easier... once seeing through the addiction, ..... the lies.... Understanding and Knowledge really are the key. Don't be an ostrich .... raise your head and be counted!
  • Happiness March 11, 2019 | 11:07
    While you are still smoking....rather than cutting down, focus on the cigarette. How it actually tastes, Do it one on one, It is that important to have had in the past that we couldn't enjoy an event without looking for a break or excuse to get our fix. Do that now. Understand and see how much it rules your life. Take the tine with this dear friend, and suffer the harsh weather element, and the "time out" that" we could be engaging in other things, while saving our money, self respect and health. See my post "if you've given up given up." Understand the addiction and you is crucial. Or read my post for Allan Carr's Book Free!

    Anyone can quit smoking if you truly want to. Find the motivation by truths, not burying you head in the sand.
  • Geo March 11, 2019 | 12:43
    Good for you on your decision. It is difficult, challenging, nerve racking and so on for more reasons than I have time to mention here. But to be upfront, its hard and without education, understanding, support, and ways to understand what your coping with, your chances of being a continuous quitter, similar to me are good. Thats not good idea either, a roller coaster of emotions many different times in life, not to mention the effects it has on those around you. Do yourself a favor, get help, either with close friends, or online, with different quit sites, any and all will help if you ask, Make friends online in those sites that hold you accountable for your actions. When I quit in the past I had a great relationship with other quitters, but the admin ran out of funs to keep it going, that was many ( quits ) years ago. Personally I use several, my favorite is an interactive site here.
    keep in touch and we'll help you as much as we can !
  • PuffNoMore, Southern NSW March 11, 2019 | 22:31
    dont give up trying to give up the smokes.
    i have found the depression & anxiety or any mental instability can strike anyone, whether they smoke or not. We are much better off not being addicted to them thats for sure
    PuffNoMore *

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