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Update - turkey day 7.... think I turned the corner

Posted in Quit experiences 11 Feb 2019

Hi All

Oh my goodness think I have turned the corner. Day 7. So relieved thought it would never end. Today is the first day I actually feel ok and not a basket case.

So what changed - we’ll a big old moan in here day 5, thanks for listening. And... I finished that Allen Carr book. I was reading it day 5 and suspected there something beginning to resonate in his approach. I was right. I percolated day 6 as I could feel the change coming. It was that help I needed. I needed to make that mental shift from moaning and being on the back foot (ie it’s soooo hard, when does it end, woe is poor me) to “I chose this because I am smart and each crap craving is a reminder on how smart I am and what a good choice I have made. So yay me.”. This is me day 7 and feeling better.

@happiness I see you posted today - it’s kind of spot on and perfectly where I have landed. What did you title your post - the ugly truth ? Can’t check while I am writing this ! Could not have said it better.

I’m also moving on from moaning I wasted 35 days on the patch. Now know I needed this before I went cold turkey, it’s my journey. And as for Allen Carr book - not sure I would have listened if I read it pre quit. I read it (well actually listened while vacuuming) at the time I needed to which was cold turkey week. Guess things happen they way they are meant to on your journey and each person has a different one.

So with that - think I will pause a bit on my updates and update you in another week or so.

Last thing - I needed this forum. I have no supporters for this quit. This forum has been so helpful especially everyone’s stories and honesty. And the encouragement. Feel like we all get it in here. People who have never smoked and quit before do not understand the addiction, the quit,the warfare or the joy. Thanks all much appreciated. ☘️

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  • PuffNoMore, Southern NSW February 11, 2019 | 15:14
    Glad to hear your ok now. The patches obviously served a purpose to start you off, But lets face it, your 42 days done and dusted! Why not focus on your achievement and forget about counting the days without Nicotine replacement therapy. Focus on getting to 7 weeks smoke free.
    You are probably correct in saying you have turned the corner, so, start believing it
    Keep those negative thoughts and worries buried and dont let them rise to sabotage your wonderful achievement.
    You're winning this, dont look back.
  • Happiness February 12, 2019 | 1:59
    Great job Shamrock. I knew you could do it! Anyone can quit smoking. Think positive !

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