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Posted in Staying quit 09 Feb 2019

Should i quit??? Why???

I never thought about it much, mostly because i never ever thought i could.

I do value my life though.... took some measures to maybe live a few more years by eating better and maybe cut down on the smokes....

Took a lung cleanse and ddn't have the urge to smoke right away as usual. Decided to make a game of it, put my smokes across the room and held off.... joined a quit group... gained confindence and voila... a happy non-smoker in 4 days.... (3 pre and 4 post nicotine) I know it can be done, i did it.

Deciding to retire should be easy. Ok , i am not rich, nor do i expect to live differently, just securely and happy. It took me longer and more torment to decide finally to RETIRE without the quilt than to quit smoking!

Again, once a decision is made and accepted i can live happily with it. No regrets. I can look forward to it, knowing i deserve it. No quilt. I am not going to spend what i saved , simply live off the yield. Why do we fear being happy? Why do we feel we do not deserve it? These question do pertain to some quits. The fact is that you deserve it. Yes, we may have been fooled in the past. The real shame is in not doing anything to do something about it. We now have the resources and support to fight back.

My vow is to forever be grateful to have achieved my freedom from nicotine first... to help others to achieve it as well. To accept retirement as a reward for doing my best, and continuing to find ways to contribute to the betterment and success of others.

Every one looks to health, happiness and does not buy happiness...... Cigarettes give you nothing..... Be good to yourselves and your loved ones.

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  • PuffNoMore, Southern NSW February 09, 2019 | 22:54
    Its ok. Dont beat yourself up, just because you think what you say is in vain.
    Dont let yourself despise the negative comments that pop up here as we are doing the best we can do atm and are just trying to express our feelings.
    Some people are generally having a bad time Quitting. Some might be sneaking a smoke here or there, but its not your responsibility, nor should you concern yourself if we fail.. I dunno Happiness. I just wished youd be a little patient . But we love you being round here
  • Happiness February 10, 2019 | 11:02
    Whatchagoingonabout Willis? Im not going anywhere PuffNoMore. you misunderstand. I am comparing quitting smoking and quitting my job. It was a very tough decision for me to finally decide i should retire and enjoy the golden years while i can. Life is short, and i'm afraid you are stuck with me here!

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