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My quit experience 4 month

Posted in Quit experiences 11 Jan 2019

Dear Reader,

If you are reading , I believe it is right to assume that you are either looking for real life experiences after quitting or about to quit and getting mentally prepared for the journey.

Either way, I want to happily share some insights from my journey of 4 months without a single puff.

15 September 2018, I quit cold turkey.

It was difficult at first but things started to get easy for me after about 3weeks.

Now I am 4 month away from cigarette and my brain has been completed reprogrammed to not think about smoke any more or at least not miss it.

Yes one interesting fact I am experiencing is that earlier, even when I was alone or rather say felt lonely, cigarette helped ( of course in bad way) . Now when I have quit, sometime it is difficult to understand what I want to do when I am feeling lonely or can't think straight.

At that time I surely remember my smoking days and it is good and frustrating together. Good because I know I am right track and still strong. Frustrating because I want to do something which engage me and is easy like lighting up a cigarette.

I also feel that in my case , since I work from home and hardly have a friend circle now a days to visit to, I feel this situation.

Overall to summarize, 4 month, you will be used to of not smoking without effort.

Still you have to be proactive to watch your gaurd as you never know. One of my frnd started smoking back after quitting for almost one year. It's his advise that one weak moment or a casual approach can bring you back to square one.

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  • PuffNoMore, Southern NSW January 18, 2019 | 20:04
    Thanks for your insights. It all makes sense, and will remain on guard for any temptations that come my way.
    Its definitely a "No Smoking Policy" here.
  • Buster Gusset , Sydney January 13, 2019 | 8:54
    Hey Ravisca thanks for sharing your story, sounds like you are doing awesome. Sorry you’re feeling a bit lonely sometimes. Reaching out on this site and engaging with others is a great way to feel some company.
  • Happiness January 12, 2019 | 2:25
    That is why the NOPE mantra (Not One Puff Ever) is so important Ravisca. The nicotine receptors take 3 weeks to shut down , but can be ignited with just one puff.
    Because you work at home and more isolated, be sure to have weekly outings and engage in a social environment. Join a card club, seniors group if old enough, engage in sports...something to bring some pleasure and friendship to your life. Take part in chats here or other places on line. I have made several friends playing poker on line. (and you can play for free money) where you banter on a chat window. My young roommate plays action games on line while talking on skype to another player.

    It is so wonderful to be free of this addictions. Congrats on your escape from the nicotine monster.
  • Debbie317 January 11, 2019 | 23:56
    That was a nice story..on day 5 so hope to see 4 months..or just not so fresh in my mind about smoking..good advise to keep guard up...sure many of us think if we get pass a point we are free..but maybe we are never free in some ways. thanks for you story.

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