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Posted in Getting started 10 Jan 2019

Hello I am a non smoker for 4 days. The first 2 were not so bad but day 3 all day carvings but woke up today and cig was not my 1st thought. had a few cravings today but not as bad as was expecting. the foggy head and restlessness is horrible tho. so there is hope out there for me. But was wondering if anyone one else out there took any time off from work during this process? I took a week off and feel so guilty.

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  • Happiness January 11, 2019 | 3:54
    Hi Debbie. I actually quit work prior to accidentally quitting. Does that count? Don't feel quilty. If you felt it would be easier, and make you more focused on this life changing experience, then you made a great choice. I hope you spent some time reading posts and learning. I had no cravings after the first 3 days smart turkey, but i could not have known that. Since I am still not working, taking a hiatus and contemplating retirement now that one big expense is eliminated, I spend a lot of time here.

    You are doing great Debbie, and I am sure it will be easier once back at work since you have had that period of adjustment. Keep busy and always think positive. You are on a journey to freedom by choice, which holds so many more benefits than you can imagine. Imagine what you could do with the money saved over time. How your health will start to improve almost immediately. All good. No downside. Believe you can, and your will!
  • John 100 January 11, 2019 | 10:39
    Don't feel guilty about missing a few days of work if it assists in giving up smoking. Sometimes we need to get away from all the temptations and routine of our daily lives to concentrate on what is really important.
  • Debbie317 January 11, 2019 | 19:39
    Thanks John and Happiness :)
  • Safe2017 January 12, 2019 | 6:33
    Hi Debbie317, well done. Don’t feel bad about missing some work. Maybe subconsciously your brain and body told you to do it for a successful quit. Good luck, stay strong.
  • ravisca2003 January 12, 2019 | 9:43
    Dear Debbie,
    Good decision . Don't feel bad about quitting office for few days which is anyways better since it's for greater good.

    You need to watch out next few days since these craving will eventually become strong but intermittent for next two weeks or so but trust me that you take it as expected.

    Do not react. Just observe them (cravings) coming and leaving.

    In three or 4 week or so, life will be normal. You will no longer stop at the shop to buy smoke. You will not feel like missing smoke. Your body will feel better and beyond that, the prospect of winning will bring a level of confidence which can be only experienced not explained.

    I would suggest you read my experience posted couple of weeks back to know my process , encounters etc.

    Pls share your journey with us as well.
  • Nuts January 12, 2019 | 12:03
    Hi Debbie. Dont feel guilty for anythiing. Quitting is really hard. I started my quit plan on jan.6. Its still early days for both of us. We CAN do it. Hang in there sweetheart. It wwill be worth it,
  • Happiness January 12, 2019 | 17:41
    You are doing great Debbie. Day 6 is better than day 3 on a smart turkey quit. The nicotine is now out of your system. The nicotine receptors will shut down in 3 weeks. You have learned to cope with the urges with the 4D's. The first stage of the quit is over. The second stage (90%) is the psychological stage in which you find ways to change your routine and behavior as not to trigger the urge to smoke. These urges are mental not physical. They are a reminder that the Nicodemon is dying. Do not feed him.
    This is where the mindset comes in. Some people just can't seem to let the cigarette go . They miss it and feel it like the loss of an old friend. Problem is however, that this old friend will keep haunting you unless you ignore it and accept life as a non-smoker. The sooner you can achieve this acceptance of living as a non-smoker, the sooner your journey ends.

    Be mindful that nicotine is an addictive substance, and as such, you can never take even one puff without it setting up those nicotine receptors in your brain again.

    Quitting is not hard. Mindset can make it so easy. Knowledge is power.
  • Debbie317 January 12, 2019 | 18:45
    Thanks Happiness... Well I take my dog out every time i have the urge...tonight he just sat and let me pull or carry him..should think about leaving the poor thing at home or get a bigger dog lol
  • ravisca2003 January 13, 2019 | 15:51
    Dear Debbie
    Please watch
  • 434dog January 18, 2019 | 12:57
    Debbie, I'm so pleased with your progress. You do not need to feel guilty for taking off work. Your employer will reap the benefits of you being smoke free—fewer colds and fewer days off because you're sick. You asked about the cost of cigarettes in the U.S. I live in the midwest and pay $6.50 a pack. My favorite brand was a little over $7 so I switched. On the East coast and West coast I know the cost is much higher. It depends on which state a person lives because some states tax cigarettes more than others. I know you were asking just out of curiosity. Now, I need to tell Happiness I wrote this answer to her post instead of yours! Whatever you do, Debbie, don't give up. Every day is one day closer to being smoke free, healthier, and smell good!
  • ravisca2003 January 26, 2019 | 19:30
    My Dear Debbie,

    How are you doing. Please share the good news as I feel you must be away from the monster for 20 odd days by now.

  • ravisca2003 January 26, 2019 | 20:22
    My Dear Debbie,

    How are you doing. Please share the good news as I feel you must be away from the monster for 20 odd days by now.


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