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Mindset can Set you Free

Posted in Hints and tips 05 Jan 2019

Nicotine was the trap, like fruit flies to in the vinegar bottle, they get lured in, but can't get out again. Once the nicotine poisoned the mind it is constantly at war with the other part of our brain that says "you know the truth, why do you keep burying your head in the sand?) Why? FEAR. What Fear? fear of dying? No... no... no... We are not afraid of dying, we are afraid to see the truth.

We are ashamed we became addicts, we know the truth, that is why we lied so we didn't have to be so disgusted with ourselves. Even once knowing the truth, some would rather die than give up the cigarette. These Smokers don't fear death, we have played Russian roulette for years. We give oil changes, and wax our cars, but we treat our bodies like crap and poison it.

What smokers fear is that they don't know how to be a non-smoker. They Fear becoming one because they don't know it they can cope with it. That is why we have to face of fears and stare down nicotine and get our lives back. We can be Happy Non-Smokers by reconditioning our minds and taking back our sense of pride for OUR accomplishments which nicotine had no part in. Two quotes come to mind:

The truth shall set us free

There is nothing to Fear but Fear itself

The fear will paralyze us into doing nothing. Doing nothing will result in great consequences. If nicotine has done nothing for us, and all we do believe it did for us all these years is lies. When it blinds us to save ourselves.... It can't happen to me....... What is the opposite? What is the real truth"

The road to being a Happy Non-Smoker is to be grateful and oh so Happy to have been given the tools to set yourself free. All you have to do to be one is NEVER SMOKE AGAIN!


This was written earlier on in my posts with Red. My very first post is sharing how i quit Smart Turkey and with no cravings in less than two weeks. I hope some may find something to help with their journeys.

I know you figured a lot this out for yourself Red as did I. But I am still reading Allan Carrs book to reinforce my quit and it is POWERFUL. He took 400 pages to wipe out all doubts in smokers minds. I am hoping that if you and I believe this and have no cravings there must be others. You and I are alot alike Red. Both of us were so excited about our freedom and wanted to let the others know they could achieve it too... I know they can... You know they can. Do They?

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  • Safe2017 January 05, 2019 | 10:38
    All valid points Happiness, but during my past unsuccessful quits, it was the very painful physical withdrawals that was the most difficult to deal with. All other side effects such as, motor reflex of inhaling, not knowing what to do with free time that was previously occupied by smoking, etc., was not as bad as withdrawal pains. In my experience in order to have a successful quit I had to build sort of a “back bone” in my mind that no matter how much it will hurt me physically I will not have a single puff no matter what. After physical withdrawals subsided it became a whole lot easier to manage my addiction. Even after all symptoms of addiction are gone you still have to be vigilant because it can jump you when you least expect it.
  • Happiness January 05, 2019 | 15:09
    Well you achieved it Safe and in the end that is all that matters. I am sorry that it was so rough on you. Thankfully, most people don't have physical pain, (or at most flue like symptoms) and cravings can vary from person to person as reported here.That is why I believe the mindset can make a difference.. Whether anyone believes or not, being negative in the effort will not make it any easier.

    I am glad that you now consider yourself to be a happy non-smoker. You no longer take nicotine and are happy despite a few little urges you can deal with easily. If they remind you to always be vigilant for your peace of mind , that is awesome. In light of how difficult your journey was, I too would be happy. Thanks for the insight, and keep on inspiring and trying to advert others from making your mistakes. Not one puff ever!
  • Safe2017 January 06, 2019 | 9:37
    Mindset is everything
  • Safe2017 January 06, 2019 | 12:15
    I read today’s story on CNN that nicotine addiction is #3 on the list after heroin and cocaine. I can certainly believe it.
  • Happiness January 06, 2019 | 18:19
    I thought nicotine addiction was highest, but it may have been an outdated source of info... Smoking has pretty much become anti-social these days. Another good reason to quit and stay a non-smoker. Makes life a lot easier and enjoyable!

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