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John 100

Day 83 - Last Day on NRT

Posted in Staying quit 23 Dec 2018

Today is my last day on NRT. As of midnight tonight I will start counting hours, days and months nicotine free and not just smoke free.

12 weeks on NRT has worked for me to give up the smoking habit, I know many espouse cold turkey or other methods such as Champix etc. My only advice is use what ever works for you and if one method doesn't work try another, we are all different and the only thing that matters is that you succeed in your goal of becoming a non-smoker.

As many have said mindset is critical, thanks to Robn, Red-67, Johnnie and too many others to name who have said the same and have helped. You don't have to agree with everything others say just listen with an open mind and take all the positive information and encouragement you can from others.

My mindset has comes from other sources non smoking related. The winning mindset, developing a positive self image and training the conscious and sub conscious mind also breathing techniques to manage physical and mental stress. This is from sports psychology and I think that its just as applicable to winning the battle over smoking.

I am looking forward to posting details of my latest win over nicotine.

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  • Happiness December 23, 2018 | 18:47
    Great Job John! Having a positive self image and attitude towards quitting smoking , or achieving anything in life, is a definite advantage. An open mind , a thirst for knowledge and a yearning to use all our learned knowledge is a recipe for success. Learning about nicotine and how we became addicted allows us to understand ourselves better and to identify with others here on this wonderful site.

    Belief in yourself and positive thinking go a long way in this journey, where ever you gained that knowledge. For those that may be in doubt of themselves, here is a place to learn about yourself and come to believe that you CAN achieve goals. Many before you have tried and WON! We never use that four letter
    "F"word here! We believe that anyone can quit, and we are here to help you do so.

    A win is a win, whatever the method. Congrats again John. . Wishing all of my friends here a very Merry Christmas and a Safe and Happy Holiday Season!
  • Safe2017 December 24, 2018 | 9:39
    Hi John 100, you will do fine without NRTs.
  • Happiness December 31, 2018 | 10:36
    Please take the time to post your story on your success for the newcombers coming to plan their choice or combo of quit methods. No hard feelings. I really do hope you didn't find it too hard cutting back that last week. For me the three days i cut down prior to Smart Turkey were the hardest and totally unnecessary, as it MAY not matter how much you smoked 40 or 1.But I was taking no chances, it couldn't hurt. Then like a coward i jumped. lol. so happy i did or i would probably still be doing the withdrawal thing and hating life.

    also going to post a nicer video of hypnotism/meditation. It seems to help give me Happy Moments when i see the colour red, or at least reminds me of how fortunate i am to be a Non-smoker so that i do not ever slip.

    Wishing you a very happy Smoke Free New Year.

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