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Posted in Reasons to quit 06 Dec 2018

Hi guys !! So I’m VERY new and just signed up.. I’ve been smoking for a few years now.. and want to quit! I know I must sound silly but I’m so afraid to quit and gain weight (stupidity) I know! Any hints or tips to beat the fear and go for it. 😊

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  • Red-67 December 07, 2018 | 6:29
    Hi, Jade, and welcome :)
    There is nothing to fear.. Make a plan, dive in, and make up your mind you really want to free yourself from the slavery of smoking.. Make up your mind that you do NOT WANT to smoke. The worst thing that can happen, is you slip, and struggle, but you are no worse off. Nothing to fear, but the alternative.. Continuing to be a smoker. A stupid slave to a cigarette.. Think about that.. Smoking makes you stupid. I know, I was one for 45+ years !!
    There are several foods, that burn more calories, than they have in them.. Celery sticks for one, give you something to hold, and chomp on, and will actually burn calories to digest :) Even if you do put on a little weight, you can deal with that later, and it is MUCH better than the toxins we get from smoking.. Right ?? Just do it.. It can be as easy as you make it.. Make that smoke something you don't WANT, not something you can't have.. It helps a lot :)
  • Jade.s, South Western Sydney December 07, 2018 | 7:31
    Thank you !! Needed to hear that.. 😊
  • Safe2017 December 07, 2018 | 14:08
    Red is right. When smoking is something you don’t want anymore you will not smoke again. But if you quit and cigs is something you can’t have then your quit may not succeed.
  • Happiness December 08, 2018 | 3:41
    Hi and welcome to a great quit site. Your fears are not stupid, in fact it is the fear of a lot people. Red is right on with his advice. Read his posts and others who have been successful. I had minimal cravings, and have posted extensively on the mindset in hopes it will help others like yourself. I also just posted advice for another newcomer thinking of quitting smoking that you may consider. It was called HERE WE GO... just posted. The right mindset is key for an easy quit.

    Ginger curbs appetite as well as cravings. Ceylon Cinnamon increases metabolism. (do not exceed more than 2 tsp/day of regular cinnamon as it is toxic in high levels whereas Ceylon is not) Eat good whole foods, fruits , veggies and cut out the sugars and packaged/processed foods with additives. I lost weight if that is of consolation and i love food. Apples and cinnamon for snack, cinnamon on squash or sweet potato, oatmeal. Ginger and Turmeric in chicken soup or just broth as a drink.(both in curry powder if you like curry) Or do my lung cleanse which not only cleans out the tar from your lungs, but is also has a long list of medical benefits for your overall health. Everything in moderation of course!

    Good luck with your quit. You have come to the right place! You can do it!
  • Robn December 08, 2018 | 11:47
    Hi Jade, think about this.....No prizes for being the slimmest body in the morgue!
    ThAt is my tip for stopping smoking now. A little weight gain versus a shorter life.....I know what I would go for.
    Come on girl.....nothing to fear and everything to gain.

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