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Sick of lying to loved ones

Posted in Reasons to quit 06 Dec 2018

Just started my quit journey. Just got sick of lying to my loved ones about my smoking. Never used to smoke at home, but as soon as I left home and went to work. I would pull over to the side of the highway and and have a smoke with my coffee. I was always able to blame the nature of my job and the company i keep at work on why i would smell when i got home. This was just a lie to my wife to keep her suspicions at bay. Now I'm sick of the lies and I need to change for my kids and myself. I guess stresses at work are what triggered me to start again after having quit for 5 years but that's not an excuse I want to hold on to. I think I just let it get the better of me and now I'm going to try to kick it again.

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  • Safe2017 December 07, 2018 | 14:03
    Hi Timfinsco, no reason to hit yourself over head for slipping up, even after 5 years. Personally I had a slip up after 2 years of not smoking and again after one year of not smoking. A friend of mine slipped after 8 years. Happens to many of us. The thing is that it’s a brand new quit and if you were able to do it before then you can do it again. I think I realized that in the past my mind set was that I couldn’thave what I wanted which is a smoke. And sure enough there’d be a time when I convinced myself that one puff won’t hurt me. A big mistake. This time my mindset is different because a smoke is something I no longer want. Not one puff ever - NOPE. The sooner you quit the better. Good luck.
  • Leeann , Central Coast December 07, 2018 | 19:13
    Hey Timfinsko I also have quit heaps of t times with a previous best of 7 years and like a silly fool I too went back. But guess what who cares because that is history now and I am coming up 6 months quit with a whole new attitude. These wonderful people taught me the secret to really quit and not miss it. They got through to my brain to quit acting deprived they showed me all the faults and truths about these poison sticks. It's not your friend and you don't really like it at all you just need to feed the addiction that strips you of $$ dignity, time and health. I too used to sneak around and hid it from work and certain family members. Trust me when I tell you that you have done it before and you CAN DO it again. Just do it and only look forward😊
  • Happiness December 08, 2018 | 3:54
    Hi Timfinsko. I concur with Leann, and learning about the poison and what it has done to hi-jack your brain. It is the cause of all your problems, not the save all as it has drugged you to believe. Once you understand that you will despise it. Will you want it when you despise it? Then you will no longer crave for something you don't want. Believe us when we tell you that the cigarette does absolutely NOTHING FOR YOU! Cravings are only bad if you feel you are being deprived. Learn the truth! Quitting can be easy, it is up to you. You have made the first step in coming here , follow through and you will be amazed at how easy it truly can be.

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