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Posted in Quit experiences 27 Nov 2018

Hi All,

I had been smoking and chewing tobacco since I was 13. I somehow managed to quit them all together 2.5 years back. However, due to few challenges in personal life, I stupidly started chewing tobacco after staying quit for good 2.5 years.

This time, I chew tobacco only (No smoking) for about 3.5 months and now on quit journey since last 5+ weeks. With my first quit, I remember, it took good 100+ days to feel "normal" after quit. As this time I had only chew for 3.5 months or so I was/am expecting that within 8-10 weeks I should start feeling OK. So far, it has been very challenging specially anxiety is getting harder to control.

May I please know someone's experience who had quit after "short-term" smoking/chewing tobacco about how long did it take to feel "normal"?

This time I feel a bit frustrated to find myself into this situation again as I knew it well that nicotine wasn't going to help me in sorting out challenges I had gone through but still managed to pick up the habit.

Last time it was planned quit (Cold turkey) but this time one morning I just thought of throwing can of tobacco in garbage and managed to quit cold turkey just from that and now am on day 38.

Hoping to hear some positive updates from here and hopefully, people who are quit for long time will read my story and ensure that they will never pick-up smoking for whatever challenges life may present as if you pick-up smoking to solve a problem, all of sudden you have 2 problems to solve, a real one and that self-induced one (smoking)

Thanks for reading and will look forward for some positive updates from the forum members.



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  • Safe2017 November 27, 2018 | 12:55
    Hi Standly, you are in the right place to quit. I can totally relate to your story except in my case it was pure stupidity not once but twice. The first time I quit for about 2 years and talked myself into believing that I can smoke one cig without any ramifications. One cig later and I was hooked for the next 10’years. After 10 years i forced myself to quit again for about year or so. So i start feeling normal again and then I tell myself that one cig won’t hurt my quit. Bad misjudgment, I was hooked for the next 10 years again. So finally I forced myself to quit again 608 days ago. This time I am practicing NOPE concept- not one puff ever. Good luck and all the best in your quit.
  • Safe2017 November 27, 2018 | 13:02
    P.S. In my past experience I learned that there is no short term addiction. My brain cells and/or my body is already addicted to cigs/nicotine and even after a few I am already hooked and quitting for me is the same after a long or short term smoking.
  • Standly, Western Sydney November 27, 2018 | 13:53
    Thanks for reply Safe2017. I will make sure that once I go through quit journey this time, I will never ever allow nicotine to rule my life!
  • Happiness November 27, 2018 | 16:07
    Hi Standly. So good of you to come on and warn others about the pitfalls of one weak moment. We hope they heed your caring words and remember the NOPE mantra. I just quit smoking a couple weeks ago, out of the blue, cold turkey, and with no cravings after the third day.l . I tried a lung cleanse of Ginger and Turmeric (spices in curry powder). Ginger helps with the cravings. So i am not Here for support, but like you to help others. Perhaps you want to give this a try to lessen the cravings. I also advocate for the right Mindset. Others here understand it now too, and we hope that more will open their minds to what we believe. We wish everyone the same success we had with tour quits. Thanks again for sharing your story Standly.
  • Standly, Western Sydney November 27, 2018 | 18:00
    Thanks Happiness. I will definitely give it a go to ginger.

    In my view, if someone registers himself/herself on this site, its already a good start. As you rightly mentioned, its all mind game after first few days. I do meditate twice a day and have observed that meditation helps immensely to take edge of withdrawals.

    Kudos to you for your mindset and support to many here in so early in your quit as I know last time when I quit, it took me good 8 to 10 weeks before I understood what was going on with my mind and body! :)


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