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Working out becomes a breeze

Posted in Reasons to quit 20 Apr 2018

Today marks 606 days since I quit smoking cold turkey. Many of you have been following my journey and know that I went through quit a bit in the early days of my quit. I am happy to say that on most days, the light now shines brightly for me. Last year, I was diagnosed with Lupus. For those of you who don’t know, Lupus is a quite devastating and painful autoimmune disease that attacks the skin, joints, the brain, and most of the other vital organs. It is an exhausting disease that keeps people in bed for months on end. I tell you this because before I quit smoking, I couldnt walk a grocery store without needing to sit down and rest. Some 20 months out, even with Lupus, its nothing for me to get on my treadmill for over an hour without becoming winded or feeling like I need to stop. Catching my breath used to be my biggest worry. Now my biggest worry is if I’ll get a cramp in my muscles from working out too much. Please do not give up. Just knowing that you won’t have to struggle to take your next breath is well worth any aggrevation you may have at the beginning of your quit!

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  • NotThisTime April 20, 2018 | 19:31
    Hi WendyOhNo...

    Wow, 20 months and 606 days! That incredible. Knowing you have had such big obstacles throughout your quit gives me more determination to keep up with my quit. Like you said, "most days, the light now shines brightly for me". I can relate very well with what you are saying. Not only are the cravings pretty much non existent now, they have less severity and we have all the benefits of being a non smoker. I have started really understanding and thinking like a non smoker. I no longer WANT a cigarette and therefor do not crave a cigarette. I wasn't really completely understanding this concept until my last reading of "Easy way to stop smoking". Changing what I think about cigarettes and what they mean to me has a profound and direct impact on my cravings.
    Please continue to post your experiences. You give me and many other members courage to continue on with our quits. Thanks for your continued support!
  • Pegster April 21, 2018 | 0:42
    Wow - what inspiration to all of us. Wish you did not have that darn Lupus but it sounds like due to your getting healthy efforts, it has gone into hiding! Let's hope forever!
  • Red-67 April 22, 2018 | 3:16
    Hey,,,, Wendy :) Good to hear you are doing better..
    Because we all react differently, it is impossible to know the full extent of harm smoking does to our system. We know, it increases our risk of cancer, heart disease etc., and, just by weakening our system, may make many other conditions worse ? One think we can be sure of, smoking never did anything good for our body.. Wishing you all the best :)

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