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no matter what

Posted in Quit experiences 13 Mar 2018
3 Comments all,70 days today cold turkey.Feeling pretty proud of myself actually although the journey is far over.I reckon Imay have kicked the smokes' butt but I wont allow myself to be complacent.My wife is over the moon about my effort also and if possible loves me a bit more(she's only human)Do'n'nt underestimate the value in this site and the stories on it.We may not all know each other but we are travelling the same journey and our destination is the same.Good on yas all for giving up the darts and No Matter What!just don't smoke

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  • Safe2017 March 13, 2018 | 17:57
    Well done Colloquial, don't let your guard down. NOPE - not one puff ever. Good luck.
  • Steve01 March 15, 2018 | 22:18
    Great going Colloquial ... I've read some of your earlier posts and agree wholeheartedly. Well done and great to see new contributors helping others and succeeding themselves.. It helps bot only those beginning the quit journey but also some of us earlier quitters as a reminder to stay on track.
  • Lia March 19, 2018 | 21:59
    Hi Colloquial. Good to see you have succeeded with early days. So many don't. Anyone can if they take responsibility for their addiction. I relied on the support of fellow quitters from day 1 to Day 1000. Pressures are different at every stage. There comes a time when you are seemingly on your own on this site. That is often because only 4% of quitters succeed initially. Would be good to see a greater groundswell of determined quitters at present. Those who go the distance often have a positive post to promote their new thinking. Constantly asking for help does not work. At some stage one needs to take responsibility for ones wrong decisions. Pave the way for others who may be in on the same page.

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