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Tips and Tricks for Staying Quit

How to Stop Smoking for Good

Taking the first step and deciding to quit smoking is one of the best choices you can make. And once you’ve started, your ultimate goal will be to stop smoking permanently.

In this section, we’re helping you stay on track with your quit smoking journey, so you can experience all the benefits of being a non-smoker for good.

We also take a look at common smoking triggers and how to manage them, as well as ‘smoking slip-ups’ – and why the odd lapse doesn’t mean you can’t achieve your goal of being smoke-free.

Tricks to Keep on Track

Tips and strategies to help you stay focused during your quit smoking journey.Check out our tricks to keep on track with your quit attempt

Look Out For Triggers

Knowing what common smoking triggers to look out for will help you be ready to tackle the challenges that come your way.
Learn how to manage smoking triggers

Smoking Slip-Ups

How to deal with smoking slip-ups and what to do if you’re having doubts about quitting smoking.
Discover the best way to deal with smoking slip-ups

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