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Day 9

Posted in Hints and tips 14 Oct 2016
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I am smoke free for 9 days today I quited cold turkey, patches and nicotine gums I don't use , my method is washing out the nicotine from my system by drinking almost 4 litres of water a day , a lot of in and out gents but that's alright , stay calm stay quit anyways lads enjoy the sweet smell of flowers blooming in the fresh hot summer air.

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  • WhiteWillow October 15, 2016 | 2:02
    Well done, I also quit cold turkey as I hadn't found anything that didn't make me feel worse than when I was smoking so I thought "to hell with it" and stopped. Best thing I ever did, the first few weeks peaked and dipped emotionally so be aware of that. The cravings may hit hard unexpectedly so stay vigilant keep your distraction techniques at the ready. 9 days is tremendous, well done. Stay strong and keep posting. Loving hearing about everyone's progression. I'm nearly 5 months smoke free, so it is possible :)

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