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"Real Acid Test"

Posted in Quit experiences 05 Oct 2016

Just 3days short of 3 months quit. Had a real test airport for 2 hours waiting to pick up grandaughter due to amendment of unexpected time of arrival by airline. By this time other planes had landed and the flock of people was unbelievable. My urges for smoking were working overtime. To top it off we then endured bumper to bumper traffic for our 6 kilometre journey home which took 40 mins. I needed to have half of a nrt lozenge to settle me down. So everyone, take care in time of stress because it is then that the nicodemons have their best shots to win you over. I have not come this far to turn back and given a similar situation i would know what to expect and take proper action. We learn from our experiences how to beat the cigarette. If you seriously ignore the urge it DOES go away. Hope this may help someone in similar situation. Cheers.

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  • WhiteWillow October 06, 2016 | 1:04
    Well done Johnnie, these situations do indeed test us and you came through. It's always good to carry something with you, even if it's just some sugar free gum.
  • Grace Kelly, South Eastern Sydney October 09, 2016 | 11:18
    Good on you Johnnie. Thanks for sharing the lesson!

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