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Posted in Staying quit 30 Sep 2016

Hi everyone a huge thank you for all the support you give me I am now 105 days smoke free and I'm not going to say I'm free and its easy cause its not my mind is trying to get me smoking again its trying everything I feel like I'm on my 3rd day not 105 days I'm back to being angry the whole kit and caboodle horrible hopefully it will pass I'm hoping anyway good luck to you all

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  • WendyOhNo October 01, 2016 | 4:34
    Hi Willson,

    Congratulations on 105 days! I wish I was where you are right now. Since I'm not, I can't tell you what it's like, but I have heard that between days 90-120, your brain gives its last big fight to get you to start smoking again. I guess it's the end of the down regulation of the nicotine receptors and is the equivalent of "last call for alcohol" when it's closing time at the bar (or the pub - whichever you call it) .

    If it feels like day 3, I would say that you had better treat it like day 3 and give yourself a wide berth to be emotional, eat a bit more, cry, pray, walk, sleep. It can't go on forever.

    Please keep coming back. I am very curious to know how this goes for you and how you chose to handle it. Best of luck!
  • Lizzie 1, Western NSW October 01, 2016 | 8:32
    Keep going and don't give up . I honestly think some people have more of a struggle ! I am one that seems to be haunted by it for a very long time and on my numerous attempts to quit I now believe it's in my head!! Whilst ever my addiction believes it can nag me ( somewhat like a naughty child) and I listen it becomes a struggle . Stand tall say no and enjoy your day ... We are all winners
  • AllyV October 01, 2016 | 22:09
    Have you ever read Allen Carrs book? Might help with changing the way you think about things. I feel that when I'm smoking I'm constantly beating myself up about the reasons I should quit, the cost, the stigma, the health etc. On previous attempts to quit, I would be constantly fighting with myself over wanting a smoke. This time round I've come to the conclusion that I'd prefer to be a non smoker who constantly thinks about smoking than a smoker who constantly thinks about quitting. Since making that decision, I've never been more calm or happy. Deep breaths, walk, picture beating those little nicotine monsters up and be proud of yourself. Everyday congratulate yourself. You are doing great.

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