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Thank you cigarettes !!

Posted in Hints and tips 30 Sep 2016

This may sound very strange but I am so happy that I smoked all these years.

And most of all I am thankful for the horrible cravings and emotional mood swings that followed after quitting.

I see stopping with smoking as a spiritual process. During my journey I understood that behind my smoking habit there was a much bigger lesson to be learned. Stopping with smoking is about willpower. Stopping with smoking is what reminds me that as human beings we always have a CHOICE. It reminds me that we are FREE.. And it is our birth right to be FREE from anything that is controlling our minds.

The lesson is that we have a choice to finally confront ourselves with what we really are. It is a time to wake up and process all those wounds everyone is carrying inside himself. We have to learn CHOOSING to LOVE ourselves first.

Talk with friends , go church , meditate, seek counseling , walk in nature, eat healthy , respect yourselves as nobody will do that for you.

Much love to all of you !!

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