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Emotion = Energy in motion

Posted in Hints and tips 28 Sep 2016

I am proud I can now finally say I am 9 days without smoking. I smoked around 20 cigarettes a day for more than 10 years and after a couple of attempts I now finally decided to quit forever. The reason I wanted to post is to share my point of view regarding the emotional reactions witch all of us have to endure during our first months without smoking. In my case I could describe it as an emotional rollercoaster where emotions are screaming out of my subconscious mind. What I learned is that behind my smoking habit there is a bigger subconscious reason witch kept me smoking for all these years.

Every time I now get aggressive its cause I suppressed this aggression smoking cigarettes in the past. The reason I am aggressive its cause all these years I was not listening to my real self and all the wounds who are hidden deep under the surface. So the magical thing that happens after we stop smoking is that all our repressed emotions start coming out again. Finally our repressed emotions start to run free again.. The problem now is to find a safe space in our daily lives to observe and to express these hidden emotions. Our partners, friends or children will all see us struggling in these intense emotional rollercoasters and have to understand what we are going true. The most difficult thing is to not project our aggression or frustrations towards our beloved ones. And therefore I suggest to openly communicating with your closets family members or relatives.

As this is done I suggest starting feeling the emotions that are getting trough us. Every emotion is evenly important and does not need to be suppressed. Start knowing yourselves by listening to your emotions and what is triggering these emotions. It could be that you are actually angry that your house looks like a mess or you are not being as active as you always wanted to be (when you where a small kid) or that you are not eating proper food and treating yourselves with the love you deserve. Because I truly believe that nearly all of us who smoked or are still smoking are not treating ourselves with the love and respect we deserve as a human being. Stopping to smoke is a process.. It is a journey to start knowing your real selves and why we decided to start hurting ourselves.

Start walking in the woods; be in nature, close to who you really are. Listen to the small kid who is still inside you and is screaming for attentions. Cry and feel all the emotions and start transforming yourselves to become the best imaginable selves you can be. Breathe deeply and day by day you will come closer to see the problem was not the addiction but how we where looking at ourselves. I therefore send all of the people who took the time to reed my post all the love and strength they need to start this journey. A journey towards a better self !!

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  • IC September 29, 2016 | 0:32
    well done stay on the path you are on and staying quit will work for you :)

  • Bootsscooter, Hunter New England September 29, 2016 | 6:30
    Beautiful to read your perspective and journey! Yes. It is true about the emotions, they are all running free, quite a sight. Continue to be accepting and gentle on yourself, I really believe this is the key to the steps we are taking, I don't really think I've ever been gentle on myself, it's nice getting to nurture myself in a forgiving space :)
    You are doing really great greenman, good vibes to you!
  • Greenman88 September 29, 2016 | 16:04
    Thank you Bootscooter :) Lets start giving full attention to who we really are .. and what we really feel inside of us. Our emotions are the guide to become our best selves. Don t fight them .. feel them ! Then they will transform in something better :)
  • Caz Kib, Hunter New England December 12, 2016 | 7:18
    What a great read thank you and good luck.

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