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131 days

Posted in Quit experiences 28 Sep 2016

Hi all. I'm now 131 days into my adventure (that's just over 4 months in old money). I say adventure, it's been a crazy few months - emotions all over the place, cravings hitting unexpectedly and people, I considered friends, saying stupid things like "well, let's see how long it takes you to start again" needless to stay they've been bombed out of my life. I could so easily have had a smoke so many times and I know perhaps some of you have succumbed. But you know , that's ok, we all have to work through our quitting in whatever way we can. Just don't stop trying to stop. Please! If you do succumb, please don't be hard on yourself. Put it down to experience and don't have another one. You're all amazing, intelligent people and each one of you have told your own story and your strength has kept me going. I'm still running 3 or 4 times a week and am loving it, jeez, never thought I'd see the day I would be berating myself for not going for a 4k run or a morning - 4k!!!!!!! When I first stopped I could barely get to 2k without passing out. These cigs, they have no power over you! Keep strong.

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  • WendyOhNo September 28, 2016 | 5:39
    Hi WhiteWillow,

    Congrats on your huge accomplishment - 131 days is a big deal! Thank you for stopping in so often to fill us all in and for giving us (especially me) encouragement. I think you were the one who asked where I was from. I'm actually not from Australia or the UK. I'm from the United States. I was born in the shadow of the capitol and now live over an hour from Washington DC in a rural county. My house is almost 3 miles off of a main road. It was really scary giving up the big city to come down here and I don't think I'll stay any longer than I have to - I like being close to lots of people. Anyways, I chose this quit site because everyone seemed so encouraging - and everyone has been!

    Thanks for reminding us that there will be some really hard days mixed in, even for as far in the journey as you are. I would love to snap my finger and make everything perfect again, but I suppose in due time, it will be as close to perfect as possible.

    Congrats again!
  • Crasher September 28, 2016 | 8:28
    Hi White Willow,

    Congrats on your 131 days!!! I'll be there soon enough :o)

    I enjoy reading the posts of those so much further along than me (I'm 31 days today) as it gives me hope, inspiration and encouragement. It also provides some insider tips to what might pass in my future on this journey.

    I cant believe "friends" would say that to you!!! Good on you for being so strong against the temptations
  • IC September 28, 2016 | 11:05
    Hey WW

    well done on still being smoke free :) its not so easy but I think we cross a line where its to far to turn back no matter what comes down the shoot.

    you were always going to make it with your attitude and we do have to change some thinking to quit, so well done and keep running to road of no smokes.

    for me its 183 days and been some of the hardest of my life but I think if I had of been smoking those 183 days I would be a very sick man and now the long staggered recovery process takes its course and some days I just cant do much other than not smoke, others are better.

    changing a lifestyle of many decades takes time and cutting myself some slack and also being hard on myself now working out when to do those things has been the biggest challenge !!

    but remaining steadfast in my conviction of no nicotine has been the constant no matter what and for that I can be proud and so can you and all of us who have quit and stayed quit :)

    so yes I have had some hurdles but none a smoke would fix so learning new things about me some I like some not so much but hey I quit smoking I didn't become a saint there is a difference I think :)

    so well done WW on sticking the landing and lining up for the next round :)

    take care hey !!

  • WhiteWillow September 28, 2016 | 19:37
    Thanks guys, you're very kind. IC, you're fab. I would never have got to today without your honest and humorous support. I've followed your story from the day I found this site and it gave me the conviction to continue along this road. You're all fantastic, we will get through this chapter together.
  • IC September 29, 2016 | 0:43
    Thanks WW making me all feeling stuff & stuff LOL, works both ways I think and so same goes for you couldn't have done it without you and the others who have posted along the way, you know who you are.

    I have learnt to cull when I move it was hard at 1st but seems to get a bit easier :) but I do understand.

    I know a lot of facts figures strategies etc.. not sure how wise I am though as I struggle to follow them and maybe when I can do that I will claim some form of wisdom LOL but thank you made me smile !!

    I might not be around as much as I was but I will be around and reading and write a bit.

    you are doing great from what I have read and am proud of you keep doing what your doing !! :)

  • Bootsscooter, Hunter New England September 29, 2016 | 6:42
    Thanks for checking in for us newbies :))
    How good is running right? so excited to get into it.
    Go you, you sound very happy and positive, good stuff :)

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