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Tee Em

Staying Quit

Posted in Staying quit 23 Sep 2016

Its been 468 days of non smoking for me. And I can finally say that I am enjoying being a non smoker. I went into the quit process kicking and screaming against it but once I started my stubborness kept me off the cigarettes. I took up crocheting again to help keep my hands and mind busy and I have three blankets to put into the Show this year. It really helps your brain to count stitches and distract it. Anyway good luck to everyone else and you will feel better if you give up.

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  • Lia September 23, 2016 | 19:32
    Hi TeeEm. I like the fact you used the word, stubbornness. Same thing that got us hooked in the first place. And, how true, to give up will truly make us feel better about ourselves. I am up to 482 days smoke free, but I never take it for granted that I am truly safe...
  • Bootsscooter, Hunter New England September 24, 2016 | 9:26
    And the crocheting is a great hobbie to keep the hands busy :))

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