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Day 15...

Posted in Staying quit 12 Sep 2016

Hi all,

Day 15 and checking in...

My 2nd smoke free weekend just passed :o) Very pleased with myself for remaining smoke free.

The first weekend (as I wrote in a previous post) was very hard given all the 'triggers" at home. But this being my second weekend was easier. Sure, I still got the cravings and had to distract myself a number of times but I managed and the cravings aren't that bad anymore

All good though and remaining strong. My partner had a little laugh at me on Friday. I painted the kitchen at 7pm!!! We're renovating and I had to distract myself and burn up some hyper energy. This is what I call the need to "pace" when the cravings are there and having so much more time as I no longer go outside for a smoke - so lets paint the kitchen!! seems logical - lol

Saturday. Lets just say the bathroom is spotless!!! lol - my cleaning distraction. I even cut out the silicon around the base of the shower (and will replace it next weekend) - feeling a little OCD at the moment - but my motto is - whatever it takes :)

I felt sad on Sunday. It was almost like I truly said 'goodbye' to a 'friend'. I will keep going as no ciggie is a friend of mine but yes - I felt sad... My partner still smokes. I joined him for a coffee outside in the morning. he smoked - I didn't of course. But I didn't feel like jumping the table, grabbing one of his smokes, and lighting up - and it felt great!!!

I know I'm on a journey and I'm taking on the challenge - one day at a time - I have no plans past making it through today... Tomorrow I will have the same goal...

Good luck all

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  • Johnnie , South Eastern Sydney September 12, 2016 | 19:29
    Good onya Crasher....keep going..... I am in same boat....heading to 9weeks.
  • NicoleJ September 12, 2016 | 19:58
    Love you story... I am thinking I have OCD too...

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