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12 weeks done

Posted in Quit experiences 10 Aug 2016

Hi everyone, it's me again. Well, I've completed 12 weeks smoke free and I feel amazing. I've had some ups and downs, though not too many downs, and I have claimed my life back from the smokes. My taste buds and sense of smell are back and I am running 3 or 4 times a week now, up to about 6k each run. I feel different, I feel proud and I feel clean. I've saved a lot of money (and treated myself to some lovely things too). I'm spending more time with friends and family because I don't feel the need to dash away early for a smoke and I love that. I have so much energy (hence the running) and I have been able to enjoy the summer. I did the park run of 5k and was in the first two thirds across the finishing line, not bad for my first one. My FitBit has also helped me get off my backside and I'm pushing myself further each week. Without you guys on here, I couldn't have done this. Every one of you who has advised, supported, encouraged, whinged (you echoed my feelings, so I didn't feel alone) and STOPPED smoking - you are my heroes. It's tough but if it wasn't, it wouldn't be worth doing would it! The frustrations and cravings are all part of the stopping process, so we remember how hard it was to stop so we never take it up again. Each and every one of you on this site is amazing! Never forget that!

Those who have never smoked can never understand the willpower and dedication needed to turn away from this addiction, it's not their fault they don't understand so if they ridicule or tut or patronise you, ignore them. Stay strong and positive and you will conquer this.

For all of you who have stopped in the last day or two - well done. Take each hour at a time, stay busy and find yourself distractions. For those of you who have decided on a quit date but keep putting it off, please don't put it off any longer. There really is NOTHING to be afraid of. Come and jump on in, the water is amazing.

Mmmm, I think that's quite enough of all that now.

Just.... thanks! :)

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  • Boydwilliam2 August 10, 2016 | 22:38
    Very well done whitewillow, you have done amazingly well. I am only 3 days quit but will take inspiration from your journey.
    Congratulations again!
  • WhiteWillow August 10, 2016 | 22:53
    Thanks, Boydwilliam, for your kind words. We all had to start somewhere and I love reading everyone's stories, so many people on here encouraged me when I stopped. I will pay that generosity and kindness forward to others who are new to stopping to assist on building the number of success stories here. Day 3 is amazing, stay strong, it is so worth quitting. Please keep posting, I will read your story with interest and will help whenever I can. Take good care of yourself.
  • Lia August 10, 2016 | 22:59
    Great job. Yes,by all means, forgive any non smoker who cannot truly understand your effort to succeed. Not their fault they did not follow our stupid choice... On this site, you are never alone. White willow, I think you are going to be an inspiration to many others as you truly get the power of fellow supporters on this site. You will get encouragement from others and am sure you will put up inspirational stories that will reinforce the ability of others to persevere. Enjoy the ride and the clever decision you made. I still cannot believe I quit cold turkey 437 days ago. Am always on guard and do not take it for granted that I can relax... Too many days to take a backwards step. I have too much respect for myself and those who supported me to take a backwards step. I can tell from your post that this is what you are thinking. Keep going. Surprise yourself and always take some time to inspire others.
  • IC August 12, 2016 | 22:23
    Hi WW

    you are sweet aren't you :) thanks for thinking of me, wow 12 weeks you are doing great !!

    I been moving not fun and still heaps to do and just haven't been on here slack I know.

    still smoke free 136 days.

    time goes so fast you are 12 weeks + how kool is that !! well done hey !!

    and thanks hey !!


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