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happy with my progress

Posted in Staying quit 09 Aug 2016

53 days smoke free yay me still get cravings but just go straight to my app for support my son just had a car accident he is ok and I have been really calm not freaking out and stressed to the point like I once would have been so it goes to show smoking makes things worse enhances everything pleased with myself

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  • Chezzel August 09, 2016 | 8:18
    Well done - so glad your son is ok and so proud of you 53 days is amazing and not caving in when stressed is even more amazing - keep it up Hun we are all here for you
  • willson, Nepean Blue Mountains August 09, 2016 | 16:09
    thanks chezzel xx
  • Lia August 09, 2016 | 22:13
    Hi Willson, so glad to hear you handled such a nerve wracking situation involving your son. A clear head free of smoke would have allowed you to deal with everything that was happening. If you can handle that, you owe it to yourself to continue on this quitting path. You can and will do it.
  • IC August 12, 2016 | 23:26
    yes well done and smoking will not help I am sure even though our heads try and tell us it will its a lie.

    so you are doing great.


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