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Island trip didnt pack enough cigarettes!

Posted in Getting started 09 Aug 2016

Didnt pack enough cigarettes for a trip to an island with no cars or store. went cold turkey...thought I might as well stay quit since I had been wheezing and coughing alot and my boyfriend scared me that I would die if I kept it up just like his mom did of lung cancer. It also runs in my family. Its been a hard three days but I am commited

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  • Chezzel August 09, 2016 | 8:22
    3 days down is a great start just take it as each cig not smoked, I know it has been hard but it really will get better although I know it prob doesn't feel
    Like it at the moment, keep posting and reading posts and know we are all going through it together
  • WhiteWillow August 10, 2016 | 22:24
    Well done, LoLo, that's a brilliant way to stop. So the nicotine is now out of your system, you just need to fight the nico-demon living in your head. Get your head sorted, keep busy, have distractions at the ready and you will be fine. You have done the toughest part now. Keep your chin up and stay positive. You're doing amazingly. Big hugs
  • IC August 12, 2016 | 23:24
    good job and doesn't matter how we get to quit as long as we make it stick.

    hope you are still on the path.


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