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Nicotine Replacement Therapy

Posted in Staying quit 04 Aug 2016

Giving the habit the flick is easy when you have the support and understanding of fellow quitters as opposed to anyone who has never smoked nor succumbed to the addiction of tobacco. Of course you can toss it all in, but then you will miss the commoraderie of those who are doing this at the same time as you. You must also be aware that others who had faith in your initial determination to quit may regress if YOU fall off the radar. This goes for anyone on this site. A huge responsibility. Nothing beats the affirmation you will get from posting stories and any encouragement you give others. Better than Champix or an money guzzling drug which claims to do be a NRT as opposed to what real people can offer here. I would never have had such strength or success without the expectations and encouragement of others. A few hundred days smoke free, one wonders how it happened...

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  • Dobbin August 05, 2016 | 3:16
    Agreed Lia. Being a newbie wasn't a long time ago in " normal " time but for a smoker it's a long long time ( 332 days for me ). Even 1 day away from nicotine is a long time and takes extraordinary determination.
  • Chezzel August 05, 2016 | 7:28
    Totally agree very well expressed, after all we are all here for the same reason and the support, friendship, advice and inspiration can not be bought.
  • storm, Murrumbidgee August 06, 2016 | 7:38
    Thank you, it is so good to read posts from everyone but it is great when we see a name from the past and know that they are still smoke free it always give me hope that this journey can continue indefinitely
  • IC August 06, 2016 | 18:09
    I agree also, but we are not all alike I was just chatting to mate who stopped a couple weeks after me and we never talk about not smoking and when i bring it up he says no I don't want to talk about it or I will smoke.

    so who knows.

    me I been here every day and I need to be.

  • Feather (aka Oompa Loompa) August 16, 2016 | 15:55
    Hi Lia. I just popped in to catch up with all my fellow quitters. It's been 420 days now and I can promise that it does get easier and breathing is lovely. I still have cravings but I'd hate to waste the hard yards. To all of you who are struggling just go one day at a time. It's worth it.
  • Metalhead Kel, South Western Sydney September 15, 2016 | 18:22
    Hi I'm Kel. I just wanted to say that my quit day is tomorrow and reading some of these stories has given me hope. I have tried a couple of times but haven't been successful in the past. I really hope that this will be the time I stop forever.
  • It's-time, Central Coast September 18, 2016 | 7:22
    Hi Kel, I have just joined too and my quit day is tomorrow. Hope you are getting through it ok. I have never quit, I'm 40 years old and it's time to give this a real go. I don't want to be a smoker anymore, my teenage girls now smoke and it upsets me the most. Any support to help me through this would be awesome.

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