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Posted in Staying quit 03 Aug 2016

Hi All,

Today I can proudly say that I am 42 days a non smoker. I knew this attempt would be different to the last few attempts, I just felt that this time I would quit and stay quit. I am on Champix and I had up and down moods in the first week of quitting and I had crazy vivid dreams but I have gotten to the point now where I havent taken Champix for the last couple of days, I am seeing how I go without them and I haven't had any cravings. I still have 4 weeks left to go before my 12 weeks is up but I want to see how it goes. The only thing I keep thinking is about the last few attempts I had with quitting smoking and how one thought of "I wonder how it'd taste after not smoking for a month or so" started me back up ... the difference this time ... I don't care what it would taste like. I gag at the smell of cigarettes now and am loving the amount of money I have saved.

Quitting smoking can be a personal choice or forced upon us but if you really want to quit you will. Keep up the good work everyone. :o)

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  • IC August 03, 2016 | 17:11
    yes well done on the days keep going one day at time they tell me it gets better so only one to find out.

  • Cranky76 August 03, 2016 | 20:34
    42 days - that's impressive. I am also on the champix so i get those crazy dreams you are talking about. I'm sure you will be fine off the tablets, its usually the unknown we fear.
  • momto6 August 03, 2016 | 23:56
    Congrats on 42 days! Keep going :)
    As for the dreams while on champix, my doctor told me not to take them after 5p.m. to reduce the chance of wild dreams and/or sleeplessness. I take mine at 4 and it appears to help.
    How long did the nauseous feeling last for you while taking champix? Some days are ok, other days I have to lay down until the feeling passes. I do eat and drink a glass of water when I take it. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated because I've only been on champix for 8 days.
  • Steve01 August 04, 2016 | 0:05
    The risky thing stopping champix before the recommended 12 weeks as I discovered last quit attempt was that sudden heavy craves can pounce apon you out of the blue..even at 60 days so the medication a still provides support to overcome them when this occurs. But I have heard of a few cutting off the Champix early with continued success...I hope you are one of them.

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