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still smoke free

Posted in Staying quit 02 Aug 2016

still going strong 46 days smoke free yay me I told a long time friend that id given up and she was thrilled for me too I'm not in any hurry to let others know as I still don't want all the crappy comments being made I'm pleased and proud of my success I don't need any other approval yay me

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  • Lia August 02, 2016 | 21:51
    Hi Wilson,
    This is not a "crappy comment" as it comes from a fellow quitter. You know, someone who has experienced your pain and anguish and desperation. So you won't get accolades from me. Why are we here if we do not seek approval. Approval from now smokers is definitely not the same as if it is from someone who has felt the pain. It is good to know you like living in your own skin and you are enjoying the benefits of quitting. Do keep spreading stories of your success and power over the nicotine demon.
  • IC August 03, 2016 | 0:45
    its funny hey I bludgeon them in to submission not physically of cause :)

    but that's my personality.

    well done and keep it going.


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