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Treated myself to some acupuncture

Posted in Quit experiences 22 Jul 2016
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When I was smoking I did not notice things that I am noticing now. For example, I notice now that I need oxygen and plenty of it. I never really had a chance to notice this when I was pounding smoke and nicotine into my body. All I ever noticed as a smoker was not feeling right and the solution was to have another cigarette. I noticed the other day that I have a pinched nerve because it was hard to exercise that part of the body. I've had this for several years too. I went to get some acupressure and acupuncture for it and its done me the world of good as that part of my body is not so tense anymore and swimming will be easier from now on. I'd like to loosen up my body/muscles and nerves by swimming or something that makes us exercise not only our legs but the parts of the body that get stiff and rusty over time. Well thats a new goal for me!

Oh, just for fun and experimentation I'm also eating a lot more fish since I can now actually taste fish.

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1 Comment

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  • IC July 24, 2016 | 1:17
    that made me laugh I remember hanging out with this girl we were away for the weekend and I had made a pig of myself eating choc biscuit's to the point of nausea,

    so I looked at her and said I know how to fix it I will eat another one LOL its just the life and times of an addicts mind of total insanity.

    good one you MC taking better care of ourselves better is part of getting better and some days I am better at than others but its not an over night matter is it healing.

    but well done on swimming for fish :)

    swimming is good and so is fish.


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