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When cravings that sneak up on you.

Posted in Quit experiences 21 Jul 2016

I'm in my 2nd month of quitting smoking and recently (this week in particular) I've noticed I get cravings everyday suddenly. I've not been getting many cravings so I thought I was over a giant hurdle but all of a sudden this week is pretty intense.

The first craving, I got when my husband and I were at the mall. We went into a few stores and then we left at the back exit near a parking lot, and that is usually where I would have a smoke. I was surprised that I suddenly wanted a smoke.

Yesterday it happened too. I started to think this was too much for me, and my breathing problems would never get better, so maybe I should just give in. Today I once again had a craving. This time I don't know why and there is no logical explanation.

I can usually ignore them, but they seem to be rising in intensity. I have a feeling they might get worse, but I am not sure. I don't like when this happens because in the past they will usually peak, then it is usually me running to the convenience store buying a pack.

I don't want it to get to that point, and if it does, can I fight it? I know I can, but it does make me nervous.

Sometimes I wish I could lock myself in my room during such times :P

I just have to remember all the damage they have done to my health and never look back.

Staying Strong!

- HappyHusky

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  • WhiteWillow July 22, 2016 | 1:00
    Well done for not giving in to the cravings. I too have been getting the odd urge to smoke again but will not give in to it. As you say, I too thought the cravings had gone but it's been at times when I didn't realise I lit up as a habit. We will stay strong together, laugh at the madness of the cravings and move on. I think this is just the next phase, how funny that it's happening at two months. Anyway, we are fighting this together adn we are succeeding.
  • manchild July 22, 2016 | 11:56
    Hi Happy,

    I used to get cravings in cycles. I think the last really bad one was after the first 60 days. Then it got better
  • Gebstar, Sydney July 23, 2016 | 6:39
    I'm always surprised about the things that suddenly trigger a craving. I used to go the gym and would smoke afterwards. After quitting and attending the gym for the first time in months, I found that exercise was also a trigger for me. Weird huh?

    I read somewhere that a craving will not last longer than 3 minutes. From personal experience I know this is true, as long as I don't give the craving any credibility. Treat it like a bad thought, as soon as it pops into your head, dismiss it and move on.

  • IC July 24, 2016 | 1:08
    well here I go :) technically its not a craving its not the body asking for nicotine.

    its the addict wanting a hit from association like the car park or like you said %^&* it all I may as well smoke that's the addict the voice in our head and its not going away it will always be there, its power maybe less but if you smoked like me and all other addicts it will be there for ever.

    I was looking for this thing I want to buy super hard to find 2 days looking on the net see that's an addict that's not "normal" behaviour and then this huge rush of I want a smoke comes flooding in to my head its not a craving its me wanting some relief from frustration and how did I get it smoking.

    so please do not confuse physical craving from that voice of the addict, have a smoke then that will set off the craving , but if you are 2 weeks away from the last smoke its a thought not a craving.

    remember they are only thoughts unless taken action on so tell em to $%^& off.

    like I just did.


  • HappyHusky July 24, 2016 | 14:48
    I think the cravings or thoughts can go away in time. I used to smoke 7 years ago and quit back then and after a year I can honestly say I didn't even think about smoking any more (maybe a year and a 1/2) and didn't get any sort of desire. I remember I was around smokers too and still it just didn't bother me at all after some time passed.

    I got back into smoking for a really bad reason. I thought I was totally over it ...7 years later, and thought there was no way just 1 cig would get me hooked all over again. I was too good for that to happen. I am quitting again xD

    When I lit up, it wasn't a craving anymore, or the thought of an addict, I honestly think it was just ignorance on my behalf. I honestly thought 1 social smoke wouldn't do anything at all. :P I was wrong.

    With that said, I think there is a chance that the thoughts of smoking will eventually vanish completely. It just takes a while, and then once that happens, don't...whatever you do, smoke because you think you have it beat :P Huge mistake.

    I regret it. I am very much at the "telling it to %$^* off stage" still :P

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