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still smoke free

Posted in Staying quit 21 Jul 2016

Hi haven't been on for a few days still smoke free which is great but I'm getting a bit antsy with the not being able to like anything I'm eating or drinking and am starting to think is my head playing games with me to start smoking again which I don't want to but I'm scared I will let it happen then I will be back at square one so I'm determined to keep on track and not listen to my head on this matter .the mind can be very powerful but I'm also a strong person and refuse to let this beat me .

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  • Chezzel July 21, 2016 | 18:59
    Keep going, I think giving up the smokes affects each of us indifferent ways hopefully things will settle with the taste thing, perhaps try things you don't normally eat/drink and see if you an find something you like. I have changed from drinking coffee all the time and am now drinking tea most of the time. I find this is helping me. Stick with it and just take each hour and each day one at a time big hugs a d take care.
  • IC July 21, 2016 | 21:55
    that's what worrys me who's who up there LOL

    I would guess the one who wants a smoke is the bad one and the one that dosnt is the good one.

    well done on not smoking. I am 114 days and even just today the voice comes strong a smoke would be nice but as you have done I over ride it with get stuffed or words to that effect.

    so its not easy and yeah some food tastes like crap that I used to like.

  • willson, Nepean Blue Mountains July 22, 2016 | 11:53
    thanks I needed that advice hehehe
  • pamela (chooky), Northern NSW July 22, 2016 | 20:22
    hi willson. I know it can be very hard but find things that makes you feel more happy like pick up hobby that you want to enjoy doing and it's will get easier. Don't let cigarette take over your life. You're on the right track.

    For me i've had been off the cigarette for almost two 2 months but it's harder for me when i got my family member who does smoke around me. But i'm staying strong. WELL DONE

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