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Day 52 of no smoking - Breathing problems.

Posted in Quit experiences 18 Jul 2016

Hey everyone, I am new here :). I am 30 years old. I have smoked for 2 years, about a pack per day. I decided to quit after cutting down for about a month. I am now on day 52. I have went through all the withdrawal symptoms like crying spells, irritation, brain fog, anxiety attacks, depression, and downright wanting a smoke at all seconds of the day.

I feel like most of those symptoms have really settled down since starting my 2nd month of being smoke free. The one symptom that hasn't let up is wheezing and chest congestion. There is congestion in my windpipe and also lungs. I've been to the doctors several times now about this, and they didn't have much to say about it.

I do have an inhaler but I haven't used it yet. Hoping this goes away at some point. Strangely enough I didn't cough up any brown mucus or anything like that, but I can definitely feel it all in there, it just doesn't seem to want to move.

One time a piece blocked my airway for a second and that was scary. I really hope this isn't asthma or something because sometimes I really wheeze! I've never had asthma. :( Trying to stay hopeful.

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  • Lia July 18, 2016 | 21:45
    Better you are giving up this ridiculous habit after two years as opposed to 45 years. If you were managing 25 a day that would roughly equate to $200 a week. If not now, then not too far away as annual increments appear. That is a designer piece of clothing almost every week. I don't think anyone would justify such a purchase. A smoker, however, would not bat an eyelid at the thought of burning $600 to $800 a week as it disappears in an ashtray. CRAZY!,,
  • WhiteWillow July 19, 2016 | 1:40
    Well done HappyHusky, that's an amazing achievement. Did you use any assistance or was it cold turkey? Not that it matters particularly, it's just interesting to know how you achieved your goal :). A few people on here have mentioned the congestion, I have had it a few times but not to that extent, I find I get it after I've been running. Perhaps others will have an opinion. Keep posting and I would also suggest going back to a different doctor at the same surgery, if you can. Always good to get a second opinion. Keep going, you're doing brilliantly.
  • IC July 20, 2016 | 13:34
    yeah good work and I sure understand all those things and I guess we have to pay some kind of price mine is lungs still sore after 113 days of not smoking but I did it and it could take awhile to get better I hope.

    so well done keep going stopping after 2 years your a champ no need to smoke again now :)

  • Larney11, Northern NSW July 21, 2016 | 6:10
    Your lungs are most likely in the healing process of trying to expel the tar and gunk causing your immune system to work harder. Drink plenty of wAter. it will help break down the mucus. There is a herb called Mullien, you can drink as a tea. Ginger, lemon and turmeric are also good supplement teas, or try a health food shop and get some Lung Clear by Bioglan. Good luck.. All the best with your health.
  • HappyHusky July 21, 2016 | 6:23
    Thanks so much for all these encouraging comments. Hi white willow, I tried quitting cold turkey but it was just too hard for me. What I did instead was I cut down without any real guidelines over the the course of 3 months. Instead of going lower and lower I switched it up a lot, so overall I would be cutting back in a whole month. It was something like, 2 cigarettes, 9 cigarettes, no cigarettes, 1 cigarette, 8 cigarettes. It sounds really crazy but it made me get used to lower amounts and days without any at all. I kind of binged sometimes, but didn't let it get to me.

    By the time I quit, I was so used to those days without any or very little, that I didn't have any withdrawal for 2 entire weeks. It caught up with me eventually, and I experienced cravings for about 4 weeks, but it wasn't that bad. It wasn't constant (I find quitting cold turkey makes the cravings constant). Cutting down takes longer, but the cravings are definitely really mellow and only 2 per day.

    Luckily I have only 1 craving every week now and it lasts around 10 mins but then fades. I am never going back to smoking.

    Thanks for all the suggestions with my breathing. Last night they were literally crackling, but today they seem to be a bit clearer. I am finally starting to cough up some stuff. I did take antibiotics incase it was an infection but there is no pain so I think it might very well be my lungs trying to clear up the gunk.

    My husband asked an ex smoker at work about the symptoms and he said he went through the same thing, and it lasted 6 months, and by a year it was over for the most part. Now he's fine. I am going to stay hopeful. :)

    Thanks everyone for the support!

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