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Miss lizzy

8 weeks today

Posted in Staying quit 16 Jul 2016

I am so proud of myself, I have reached 8 Weeks today, cigarette free! I had smoked cigarettes for 31years and now I wonder why I waited so long to stop poisioning myself? Saying that this is by no means easy, I still struggle with urges to smoke and reminders, but they are just thoughts in my head. And I can challenge those thoughts in my head, because they are so wrong about the glories of smoking, there is none! A huge positive change for me is my skin, it no longer looks swallow or grey and those huge dark circles, under my eyes (which I used to smother with concealer?)have disappeared? Funny what lack of oxygen does to your body? Am breathing better, I don't stink and I feel more confident because of that when I talk to people,and I have saved over $950.00 dollars from not smoking. I really can't believe that I have spent so much money on such a self destructive habit that can kill me? So well done me and everyone else on this site, we are all amazing 😊

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  • jolynn July 17, 2016 | 0:46
    I agree, Miss lizzy! Thank you for your encouragement! I feel as though I look healthier, also! It amazes me when I get an urge to smoke....absolutely everything is changing for the better because I am not smoking and yet, yep, I will get an urge to smoke. Like you, I can let that urge just "pass on by" because it is totally irrational! Cigarettes still smell great and I am still struggling with not saying the first thing that pops into my head out loud to others! Oh well, not smoking!
  • Sandydee July 17, 2016 | 11:11
    Congrats it's a great feeling I like you can't believe I have waited this long to give up I am 61 days today but really need to get this weight under control now I am trying go ok all week then binge on the weekends lol but other than that life's great
  • IC July 17, 2016 | 22:43
    yeah good job :)

    I was talking with my mate the other day and said I feel like a smoke but I didn't have one and it was just a thought and got it out and moved on.

    so yes a thought is only that until follow by an action or an inaction in this case.

    so it is strange the mind isn't it one thought says smoke other says no and so which one of those suckers up there is running my life LOL

    so well done !!

  • HappyHusky July 18, 2016 | 20:16
    That's great! I noticed I look better too. I looked extremely pale the few months before I decided to quit. I remember my eyes literally had purple bags around them and I looked really tired..I had no energy for anything. I would try to focus in the mirror and my eyes would be half closed and not really focusing. I was just always tired. Now there is colour in my face and no more bags. My eyes look like they have life in them and I look really different now. I remember my husband said to me "you just look really frail and weak" and that's when I decided to quit. Keep it up!

    - Day 52

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