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4 days smoke free

Posted in Quit experiences 13 Jul 2016

I haven't had a cigarette for 4 days. I have surprised myself. The first day was the worst, but each day is a little better. I still feel a bit lost without smoking and I'm not sleeping very well. Not sure if it's nicotine withdrawal or the Champix. I'm sure this will pass. I can already notice my sense of smell and taste improving. I just have to keep telling myself I don't need a cigarette!

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  • IC July 13, 2016 | 0:41
    that's it we don't need a cigarette for any reason other than the ones we smoked for LOL
    stuff will come up we have to deal with but its always been there so its normal.
    well done on the 4 days and yeah its not so much fun at times detoxing but it gets better they tell me so I wont smoke today to see if they are right :)

  • WhiteWillow July 14, 2016 | 0:55
    Well done on the 4 days, that's fantastic. The pangs will ease, you will think about it less and less and then one day you will be in a stressful situation and a day later you will suddenly realise that it didn't even cross your mind to have a craving. Most of us have been through the sleeping issues, it will get better. Try not to use technology an hour before you go to bed, perhaps read a book and have a cup of relaxing herbal tea. Meditation should also help. I don't know anything about Champix, I'm afraid, I did mine cold turkey but plenty of people on here can give you advice and share information.
    You're doing brilliantly, keep going and stay busy in the day time. When you get a craving post a message on here, doesn't matter how many times a day you do it.
  • Dobbin July 14, 2016 | 6:00
    Hi. You definitely do not need one Shaun. Although there may be times you may want one. Well done for your 4 days. That shows commitment and you can surprise yourself.
  • Johdi123, South Western Sydney July 26, 2016 | 8:51
    Hi Shaun,
    Hope you are still hanging in there. Your sleep problems will ease off - it's part of the process. Be proud of yourself - everyday you don't smoke is a triumph. Your addiction will throw little things at you like headaches and sleeplessness as a last ditch effort to make your break. Don't give in! You are stronger than your addiction.

    Sending you good vibes!

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