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Blue sky

Posted in Quit experiences 06 Jul 2016

303 days smoke free and chasing 1st year. Rarely have any desire to smoke and cravings gone. Really feel like I have reached blue sky and looking back can't believe I have come so far at age 68. It's Summer here in UK and it's great not to have to walk around with smelly clothes. I have noticed how smokers carry the stale nicotine smell around with them.

Icanquit has been so helpful with support from peer group.

Upwards and onwards

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  • IC July 07, 2016 | 13:20
    happy days for everyone :) well done !!

  • WhiteWillow July 07, 2016 | 0:04
    Well done, Dobbin, that's incredible. Also contradicts the old adage "old dogs new tricks" and all that :). Seriously though, that is amazing. London can be so suffocating in the summer with the vehicle fumes, the heat and cigarette smoke. It's funny, isn't it abut the stinky clothes thing. I knew, of course, that I stank after a cigarette but I hadn't realised just how stinky I was. I'm still wondering abut the e-cigs, not sure they're safe as not enough research has been done on them yet. Anyhoo, well done both of you. You are both inspirational.
  • Dobbin July 06, 2016 | 22:28
    Well done Lia. You have been a great encourager. I live just inside London and you are right smokers are really public enemy no 1. Whilst I think this is unfair it certainly was a pointer to me quitting. England has to have a heirachy born out of the class system and smokers have been relegated to the pit. They forget their Chelsea tractors ( 4x4s)spew out carbon monoxide at an alarming rate. Lol
  • Lia July 06, 2016 | 20:44
    Today is 403 days smoke free and my 65th birthday... So glad I started giving up when I did... Too bad I ever took up the dreaded habit. Was in London this time a year ago and became very aware that people were trying to give up. Had never seen e-cigarettes till I traveled around Britain. Interesting that signs said no cigarettes and no e-cigs... With such a huge concentration of locals and tourists it became so obvious that smoking was such a headache...

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